Project DIVA f 2nd Demo!
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Posted 10/16/13 , edited 10/17/13
Hey Guys,
So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that some Crunchyrollers are also fans of the Project DIVA series.
Just wanted to post a heads-up that a demo for Project DIVA f 2nd has just (as in, in the last hour or so) gone up on the Japanese Playstation Store. The demo has three songs. A Miku song, a Miku/Rin song and a Miku/Luka song. :)

This is for the Vita iteration of the game, which will be released in March 2014. You'll need a Japanese PSN account, and ideally a spare Vita memory card, to access the demo. Unfortunately, if your Vita isn't configured for a Japanese account you're going to have to go through a rather monotonous procedure to set it up for the demo, but while you're on the Japanese store why not download a FREE copy of Phantasy Star Online 2 for you Vita, because SEGA sure aren't going to to release it in the West, it seems!
The demo is only going to be available for about a week, after which it's going to be removed from the store, so grab it while you can.

Also: Project DIVA general thread I guess, if you like! (*^_^*)

I just took this picture of the demo. It has some new 'scratch' moves that the first one didn't have. Unfortunately the Vita screenshot option is disabled for the demo, so I had to take a photo with a camera instead.
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