The time they spent was... exceptionally okay.
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A dialogue based series that i have been working on following ryyuga takada (kuruna), rin kaname, sasaki kagayaku,and kogo and shun yamamoto as they hangout, talk, cross dress, talk about sisters, and avoid girls who try and get kuru to take of his shirt as much as possible.
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1. Shun, Kogo, and the mysterious female.

shun: *!!!* [sees a beautiful woman who looks like she is in need of assistance]
ko-nee-chan! come here!
kogo: okay okay, what do you ne- *!!!* SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!
???: hmm?, oh! excuse me! i need your help!
kogo: (wow, her voice is pretty deep)
what seems to be the problem?
???: i need some help getting to this address.
kogo: this is in akihabara right? i think i know.
???: thank you so much, im kurunako .
kogo: im kogo, this is my little brother shun!
kuru: nice to meet you!
shun: nee-chan, i don't think she's actually a du- ah!
kogo: lets go shu-kun!
shun: ...

{30-40 minutes later}

kogo: third floor right?
kuru: yup!
kogo: stairs?
kuru: it's fine!
kogo: *!!!* cross dressing cafe... *!!!!!* YOUR A DUDE!?
kuru: yup!
shun: i tried to tell you .
kuru: anyway, feel free to come in, it's my shift now.
kogo and shun: wow, he is really hot.
kuru: i'm back, right this way please!
kogo: how can you do this?
kuru: hmm? iv'e done this before .
shun: hey... if your free later, think we can hangout?
kogo: you made a pass at him...
kuru: hows 8 tonight?
shun: sweet
kuru: [hands shun a business card with his number on it]
wow, so is this like an otaku cafe or something?
kuru: yup, and i'm an otaku.
kogo: second, what do you like like outside of here?
kuru: [hand kogo a picture]
kogo: no way! tell me your lying about being a dude and that he's your brother, please.
kuru: nope.
shun: sugoi, i almost made a pass at you .
kogo: whaddaya mean "almost"!?

[door opens]

???: onee-chan!
kuru: HELLO
???: i thought id never find you! you left your lunch!
kuru: *!!!* nee-chan! i... i don't know what to say, i was gonna buy lunch, thank you.
kogo: (she blushed!)
kuru: [hugs ???] did you eat lunch at home?
???: yup!
kuru: oh good, i was worried when i found out i was covering today.

[door opens again]

kuru: ah! nadesko-chan! hai hai!
nade: hai hai!
kogo: so shes a girl?
kuru: yup.
hey, are you all going to high school?
kogo: me and shun? yup.
kuru: nee-chan, head home ok?
???: got it!
hai hai!
kuru: hai hai
so what school are you going to?
kogo: ******** high.
kuru: no way, i applied there just this morning!
kogo no way! and you passed?
kuru: don't take this as a challenge but, i'm kind of smart...
shun: only kind of?
kogo: oh! we need to leave, iv'e gotta cook!
hope to see you again kuru-kun!
shun: [peace sign]
kuru: HAI HAI
kogo and shun: ... HAI HAI!
kuru: those to were really nice nade-chan.
*!!!* one of them made a pass at me, the brother....

shun never did get that date.
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2. a few days later, the bus

Kogo-chan: Hey.
kuru-kun: Ah. Ko-chan? (He shoots a blank stare in ko-chan's direction)
kogo: your up early today? guess we were due for the end of the world.
kuru: ouch, gg though.
kogo: do you ever talk to people? besides online and your lunch crew, that is
kuru: (in a relatively tough position, he decides its finally time to tell kogo about his living arrangements,
so with the straightest face he turn's to her and says)
well... my roomate.
kuru: well, he is a she.
kogo: (in shock, she tries to keep her composure and asks)
who is she?
kuru: well, you know that girl who was at the school festival who visited the cross dress cafe i worked at?
thats rin-chan.
kogo: ... you lolicon!
kuru: i am not, calm down. okay maybe, but its her room.
kogo: so let me get this straight, you're an otaku,
kuru: yes, go on.
kogo: and she's okay with the ero-games and your *cough* loli *cough* doujin?
kuru: first of all, its not loli, well, not most of it, second, she's got more of it than i do...
kuru: mostly yuri
kogo: wait, yuri is lesbians right? ... !!! ...
kogo: NO WAY!
kuru: right.
kogo: what's with the face? don't you get those dirty thoughts of what she does when you're not around? "3
kuru: no, she tells me
kogo: say wha?
kuru: what? it's not like she's a little kid or any thing, she just looks like one.
kogo: i want to call the cops so bad, but i want to meet her first. "]
kuru: IMPOSSIBLE, for now.
kogo: then tell me what she's like at least?
kuru: fine, you see me? no imagine me as a short girl.
kogo: ... wow ... no real words for that.
kuru: she's real different though, especially when we get new doujinshi.
kogo: how?
kuru: well, would horn dog be it, no maybe a dirty old man... yeah, dirty old man.
kogo: how can you say all this with a straight face?
kuru: magic :|
kogo: damn, oh! here's the bus!
kuru: yay! ...
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2.5 on the bus, a continuation of kogo-chan and kurura-kun's conversation.

kuru: oh, ko-chan?
kogo: hmm?
kuru: ... rin is actually starting at our high school this coming year.
kogo: ... *shock* ...
kogo: YES YES YES!
kuru: calm down.
kogo: so, what does she call you? "3
kuru: what do you mean?
kogo: i hear that most otaku like being called "onii chan", what does she call you?
kuru: kuru-kun, kurura-kun, kurura-neko, kururugi-kun. but at the festival i was onee-chan and kuruko.
kogo: *pfft* you can't be serious!
kuru: look at my face... look at it.
kogo: okay and?
kuru: how serious can this face possibly get, with out facial reconstruction?
kogo: damn, okay, okay but *pfft* one more thing...
kuru: what?
kogo: do you sleep together!?
kuru: sometimes, shes afraid of storms so, yeah.
kogo: oh god that's so cute!
kuru: calm down *sekaaai de BEEP* hey, rin-chan.
kuru: hey rin, is there any thing wrong?my friend kogo-chan wants to talk to you.
rin: yeah, i want to get to *****-chan's date scene, what do i do, im already behind the gym, did i miss something?
kuru: is it winter?
rin: yeah.
kuru: oh, that scene is seasonal for each girl, so *****_chan's scene is on Christmas, i think.
you can usually tell buy how they dress on weekends during that season.
rin: TY you can put kogo-chan on now.
kuru: got it.
(hands ko-chan the phone)
kogo: HI RIN-CHAN!
rin: hi.
kogo: i heard you and kuru-kun lived together? is he doing "anything"
rin: anything? ... !!! no! why would he!?
kogo: well i figured that because you to lived together, you know...
rin: no, we don't.
kogo: oh, well, i also heard you were into... yuri? is that what it's called?
rin: !!! y-y-yeah...
kogo: "3 are you a lolicon like kururugi-kun here?
rin: NO... i... i ... i like sister yuri ok! *gasp* (hangs up)
kuru: hmm? she hung up? figured, she's easily pressured and can't handle questions like that from people she's not fond of.
kogo: can i visit to apologize?
"3 ...
kuru: {as expected} fine, i text her if you can come over but don't get your hopes up.
(phone beeps)
kuru: wow, looks like tomorrow is fine
kogo: HURRAY!!!
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can you draw if you can then make manga
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SKCREX wrote:

can you draw if you can then make manga

if i could draw, damn, if i could draw, i wouldn't have typed it lol.
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so true
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3. a visit from kogo

kuru: rin! ko-chan is here!
rin: okay!
*step step step step*
rin: he-he-...hey
kogo: (wide grin) HI RIN-CHAAAAAAAN
rin: hi.
kuru: calm down, cam down. rin, whats for dinner?
rin: salmon steak.
kuru and kogo: SALMON STEAK? SUGOI NE!
kuru: (serious face) nice!
rin: come in.
kogo: oh! so nice, it's roomy too!
kuru: kogo, i know you want to see our rooms... rin, is that okay?
rin: er... um... okay...
kuru: follow me!
my room first!
kogo: ... it's so... so ... wow! so where do you keep the dirty stuff?
kuru: (points to the box next to the computer) there.
kogo: *gasp* ... you are a lolicon "3
kuru: :\
kogo: wow, so many games, hey, whats a visual novel?
kuru: a dating sim, a lot get turned into anime.
kogo: so... how do you play? "]
kuru: well, your goal is to trigger flags with female protagonists. then you form relationships with them, and other stuff...
kogo: *!!!* ... "3 other stuff right? say these girls on this box here look surprisingly young, and it says here the protagonist is a girl, anything i should know... ku-ru-na-kun?
kuru: not mine, rin-chan's
rin: *!!!*
kogo: "3 rin-chaaan <3
rin: what?
kogo: explain, yes?
rin: well... you play as a girl who... "likes her little sisters" nd its similar to ru-kun's games, except it's all girls.
kogo: *gasp* ... *shiver* *shiver* you mean... she, she... she... SHE HAS SEX WITH HER SISTERS?
rin: yes...
rin: IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!! ... it isnt.
think about it, the relationship between female siblings, how they support each other, and console each other during hard times.
the love they have for each other is beautiful! if you can't except that, i don't ever want you here AGAIN!!!
kogo: *gasps* [tears, hugs rin]
rin: *!!!*
kogo: im sorry rin-chan, i didn't know you cared so much... i just wasn't ready for... for all of this!
rin: im sorry too! i didn't mean to shout at you... i ... i just didn't like what you said... it may be incest to you, but to me, it's beautiful.
kuru: *SNIIIIFFF* damn *sniff* that... that was too much. okay, group hug, c'mon.

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4. And somehow, highschool.

kuru: ko-chan! over here!
kogo: ah! the class list!
kuru: me and shun are in the same class.
kogo: what? i dont see your name.
kuru: how? it right here. [points to 'Takada Ryuga']
kogo: ryuga? thats your name!?
kuru: didn't you ask rin? shes in your class now.
kogo: the surprises don't stop do they?
kuru: nope, freshman representative is in my class too "3
kogo: what!? i heard he was in class 1-A ... wait a minute... A ... *gasp* WHAT THE HELL DUDE?
kuru: what? i scored high, besides, i wanted class A anyway.
kogo: yeah yeah whatever smart ass. later.
kuru: later!
kuru: *turn!*, *turn* ... ah! mei-chan! ... mei-chan!
mei: ry-kun! good morning!
kuru: we're in the same class!
mei: i know! im so happy! [blush]
kuru: oh? well lets get to class!
mei: okay! (dammit, i wanted to talk longer D: )

{in class A,

ry-kuns' introduction:
"Takada Ryuga, Good Morning! -_-"

mei-chan's introduction:
"K-Kobayashi Mei! Good Morning!"

shun's introduction:
"Kawano Shun, good morning..."}

Teacher: Ok, now a word from our student representative, Tanaka Saito!
class: *clap clap clap clap clap*
saito: I would personally like to welcome all of you as you have welcomed me to south high school! that will be all
kuru: *whispers* sugoi ne *whispers*
Ah! good morning Sai-kun! i guess starting today we're sitting together!
Saito: Ah! good morning! *smiles*
kuru: Say, do you think you can help me study after school? my habit's are pretty poor :\
saito: Oh, it's not a problem!
kuru: *smiles* Thanks!
mei: (damn, im so far away!)


rin: kogo-chan! hello!
kogo: hi!
i wonder what shun and ry-kun are doing right now.
rin: ry-kun is probably trying to coerce that saito-kun guy into being his friend.
kogo: ya know? probably!
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