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Posted 10/20/13 , edited 10/30/13
Ok guys, I need your guys help on this,

-WaterDarkE's brother

Sorry for my rushed post, I was low on time
Basic Summary

Two people, a girl and a boy, travel together on a virtual reality game called PokeNet, the boy, a veteran is somewhere in the middle of his adventure. (probably near or at the elite four) the reason why I am skipping to this point is because it isn't the main plot. The first person to win the game gets a special "prize" that nobody knows what it is.

The prize is, to the player's shock, is actually going into the Pokemon world.

The two characters must travel regions to find Dialga and Palkia, by gaining the other legendary Pokemon's trust and search for legends on where they are.

Unfortunately, I might not get to this because I am working on some other stories that are not relevant to Pokemon. But should I post them here?

Here are the main character's Pokemon

Blake's Pokemon

1. Lucario

2. Ninetails

3. Espeon

4. Umbrean



Clair's Pokemon

1. Minccino




5. Swablu

6. Rayquaza?

WaterDarkE, you still didn't add a plot! Well, its going to be a surprise so when i'm finished with the book ill post it on here ok?
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Posted 10/20/13 , edited 10/20/13

WaterDarkE wrote:

Ok guys, I need your guys help on this,

-WaterDarkE's brother

I need your guys opinion on my new Pokemon Story Idea ok?

Basic Summary

Two people (A boy and a girl)

the boy, who is a veteran, goes into this virtual world of Pokemon where you can battle other people. If you beat the Elite four, you get this "special privilege",(Nobody knows the prize) Of actually going into the Pokemon world. Him and the girl must travel the land to find Dialga and Palkia to try to bring them back

Ill get to it more later BYE!

I think you would have to include all area's in this adventure of finding Palkia and Dialga.

Why did he choose those 2 legendaries, Is there some significance they have to the story that the others do not?

Idk what my opinion would be, It's a good start in my eyes but we would need more info. Seeing as your going to give us more I'll wait until then to post.
Posted 10/30/13 , edited 10/30/13
I think you should change Rayquaza to Flygon. I don't think you need a legendary Pokemon at the start. And maybe add a Ralts or a Marill to Clair's team..
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