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Posted 10/21/13 , edited 10/21/13
So I send a message through the website to support saying that I've had problems streaming videos in anything but SD or 480p. I even put the pingtest, speedtest, tracert etc. in the message. I also told them that changing my DNS didn't make a difference.

The first message I get is asking for the pingtest, speedtest and tracert.

The second message (after I told them it was already in my first message) is asking me to try OpenDNS and Google's public DNS.

I hope these guys are in India and working off a list of some sort. Because if they're fluent in English and still dragging me through the FAQ for the next week ...

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Posted 10/21/13 , edited 10/21/13


We have a flow that we work through.
Just because you say that you have done something does not help us. Having you send us test results, that's something to look at.

Also, if you want to leave feedback, leave it in the feedback section.

If you want help, email us.

I'm locking and closing this because it's not asking for help.

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