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Posted 10/23/13 , edited 10/23/13
A few of my issues are that the queues in my phone/tablet arent the same as my ps3, basically i am saying that my ps3 application doesnt show all the anime shows that is in my actual queue, i have around 50 in my queue and my ps3 only shows about 40, and i have tried logging in and out on ps3 crunchyroll application to see if it would update, but it does not. Any ideas or feedback why?

Second question: When using the ps3 crunchyroll application, i have several errors and issues that happen, and first i will say that i have fantastic internet speed. the issues at hand is that when i scroll through videos of a specific anime, My ps3 will go Beep Beep Beep, then goes to a black screen, and it does that on both my ps3's, so i am assuming its an application error, why?

I also have issues with long load screens, anime that is online to watch through the CR app wont show when a search is done, and anime through the alphabetical search will not show as well( I get a consistant load screen icon and after as long as 10 minutes, Nothing shows). why?

If anyone has any answers, please reply, ty.
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Posted 10/23/13 , edited 10/23/13

Check your birth date and Mature Content settings: /acct/?action=video
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