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Posted 11/1/13
Written by Loveless100

J-drama of this decade have become so underrated in comparison to their Korean counterparts. Even though the golden age of J-dramas in America was a decade ago, Japan still produces many dramas that are fun and on par with K-dramas. Hakuba no Ouji-sama is one of those shows.

The basic plot of the series is the story of Takako Hara, a 32 year old teacher at an all-girls school. She's single, and has a slight complex about it. In the past she had an affair with the older Akio Kurosawa, a co-teacher at her school, and they still have lingering feelings for each other. If the love map wasn't already complicated, the drama begins with the introduction of Kotaro Ozu, an assistant teacher at the tender age of 25. It was love at first sight for Takako, but with the realization that he had a fiance studying abroad in Britain, hope was lost.....or was it?

It's not called a J-drama for a reason. With people liking each other and the issue of cheating/affairs being the center focus of the show, it can't be help that viewers get caught up in the plot. The dialogue is very shoujo manga-like, which makes sense since it was originally a manga, albeit seinen. With the older ages of the characters, it does exude a mature tone to the story and logic. Though it might not translate well for the younger demographic, the tone is very much like a career focused Kimi ni Todoke and comes with all of the heartache and tears. It is definitely a good reminder that romance issues never leave high school but rather evolves.

Another aspect that makes it a highly recommended series is the fact that although this is a show of career aged folks, it doesn't focus on the sexual aspects of the relationships. A lot of shows that discuss affairs and whatnot tend to stray towards sexy lovemaking scenes, and this one hasn't even gotten a solid kiss in by the 3rd episode. It focuses more on the push and pull of emotions and feelings towards each other. In Takako's case, it's the problem that she knows it's wrong to like both Kotaro and Akio, but she can't help but be attracted to both of them. The push-pull between morals and love makes this show very fascinating.

After watching the first three episodes, I can't help but be very curious about where this show goes. There is another character, Nobuo Egawa, who has shown up in the promo image and various parts of the show so far. However, his role in the tale of Takako and her loves remains relatively unknown. All in all, this show is a fun one for people who like shoujo-y things that make you laugh, cry, and have feelings. If you love K-dramas like Coffee Prince and Hana Yori Dango, this is definitely one that should not be missed!
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