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Posted 11/1/13
Written by Loveless100

Every season nowadays seems to release a show adapted from a otome game, also known as a romantic visual novel for girls. Two seasons ago was Uta no Prince-Sama, last season was Brothers Conflict, and this season is Diabolik Lovers. Sure, with light hearted series about boybands and a Super Junior-sized family of boys, what else could they think of?

As if riding on the coat-tails of Vampire Knight's popularity, Diabolik Lovers starts with the main character (the player in the game) going to a large Victorian Mansion, and is greeted by a group of young, pretty boys. She is unaware why the church sent her to such a house, but the situation gets curiouser and curiouser, until she realizes that they are vampires, and she's basically a sacrifice to appease them.

The hardest thing to comprehend is how any of these scenes with the “suitors” are romantic. Heck, one of them (I call him Fedora Boy who has the same voice as Rei in Free!) calls the main character “Bitch-chan.” If that isn't condescendingly cute I don't know what is! To continue, here's a summary of a scene from episode two:

1. Vampire throws girl in pool
2. Girl can't swim; proceeds drowning
3. Vampire jumps in to “save” her
4. Vampire grabs her, and kisses her on the lips
5. Vampire proceeds to suck her blood
6. Vampire pulls her out of pool; girl coughing up water and whatnot
7. Back to normal!

That's apparently romantic? I'll leave that for you to determine.

Twilight-y moments aside, the main character might turn people off from the show. Considering all that is happening to her, she takes a very passive stance and just takes it. Though there are moments every episode where she attempts to flee, she eventually returns, with one of the boys there to say his bit, bite her, and go on his merry way. Most guys in this show are a solid Yandere (mean to her then suddenly nice) so if that's your interest then this is the show for you!

There's something oddly captivating about this show. It's very hard to pinpoint what it is, but considering that it's on its sixth episode and I'm still watching it, there must be something worth watching it every week. At 15 minutes per episode, it's enough to whet your appetite for sexy vampires without being overbearing on it's.....domineering aspects. It's not the best show out there, but it's certainly one for the ladies.

Now where are the werewolves when you need them...
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Behind a Monitor
Posted 11/7/13 , edited 11/7/13
Wow, I am honestly surprised to see this get an anime, although I suppose I shouldn't be, considering all the drama cd's and merchandise that has been produced.
Still... chichi-nashi, bitch-chan.... oi.

Oh well, color me curious. Might as well give the anime a glance, at the very least the character visuals are interesting.
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Posted 11/7/13 , edited 11/7/13
Super Junior-sized family of boys.
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Posted 11/7/13 , edited 11/7/13

tapanda wrote:

Super Junior-sized family of boys.

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Posted 11/13/13 , edited 11/14/13
That was a lot better than what I could've done.

Also I'm not sure why I'm still watching it either.
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Posted 12/13/13 , edited 12/14/13
I enjoyed reading the article.

Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out why I'm watching this too.

I guess its the catchy OP, the pretty artwork, Kanato's teddybear
and his clothes that keeps me watching this.

Anyway, this show has become a guilty pleasure of mine and I'm importing the game.
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