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Posted 10/24/13 , edited 10/24/13
This is what I have drawn.

Mainly requests I have drawn for some friends who don't use the site
some things I am better at drawing if I know it more If American art style I can draw great If it is Anime Style I am not perfect but growing
I am planning on drawing a guy since all my requests have been cuteness but since I have thousands of favorite characters the thoughts of "who should I draw next" overwhelm me could be alphabetically from Abanobashi Magical Shopping Arcade all the way to Zatch many awesome characters
So many Cute,Beautiful or Epic and powerful or even all qualities in one I am in love with art.....
Art and Culture are true power not even a Nuke can compare

in short America is like Deidara and the other nations are like Sasori

I hope my references are good
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