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Posted 10/24/13 , edited 10/24/13
Im ERiKL123/Konata5 of the Kona-Squad. 2 of our 5 members are Saints and there are 10 total scattered across different nations.
The kona-squad is our side group fro gathering Art of the anime style the me and my other saint buddy are also rivals on Deviant Art he draws one kind of art type and I draw another.
our little side group is kinda disorganized on the internet cause some people like to use my 5 symbol if im not a member of a site so sometimes hard for people to tell if its me lol normally one of the 5 of us

I try my hardest with the passion of roaring fire to be the good guy I am weak physically but make up for it with my Loyalty and Wisdom Even when the nation I live in Soon falls as it pretty much has I will serve only those who show loyalty and Honor to their people My Wish is also to help people which is fun....
I do not know why trolls enjoy tormenting....still deciding whether or not to send their souls downward for causing stress

anyway aside from that I am also obsessed with Art,Beauty,Cuteness and Kindness, as well as epic hero's

My favorite role models aside from my parents. Are people Long dead and fictional people....since most humans today are not that honorably heroic as the all mighty ancestors I think humans today could have some potential but with the cost of too much freedom they throw it away for ignorence. I also help people with problems people can also Vent out their problems.....(Going to make some sort of Forum for that later)

I am ALSO bad at starting conversations I am great with replying I can talk of anything but starting it is low level
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