Smokers level right now vs the straw hats
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Posted 10/24/13 , edited 10/24/13
Smokers level right now vs the straw hats

So, compared to the straw hats, where would you rank him now? Can he still give Luffy a fight? Can zoro or sanji beat him?

Would Luffy one shot him like DD did?

Sanji seemed to put up a better fight vs DD than smoker did. Or would DD do to luffy the same thing he did to smoker? Because yeah, i always had the idea that smoker was supposed to be luffys rival.. but now that Luffy has Haki, is it basically game over for smoker?

Does anyone think anyone in the straw hats can beat DD? If they can, then surely they can destroy smoker with even less effort than DD right?

Personally, i think DD is on another level completely, he's way above any vice admirals(apart from garp ofc). I mean, if he can do to smoker like that, he's above VA.

Might aswell also include Coby. Where is he compared to straw hats too? Will coby replace smoker now as luffys main rival? I mean, he's trained by Garp of all people.. he has to be tough as.

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Posted 10/24/13 , edited 10/25/13
I'd imagine The Monster Trio can all defeat Smoker. Since all three can fight Lugia users. Maybe Franky or Robin in a tag team could give him a fight but I don't think they would get away that easy (mainly because I don't think Robin or Franky can fight Lugias yet). And for sure Luffy will take down DD. But he may need backup from Law.

I think the VAs and DD are on par with each other, I can't see them letting a pirate roam without at least a few strong enough to take down. And the fact Akainu has not gone after DD means he does not feel he's a threat to the World Gov. as much as Black Beard was. Mind you time will tell if Akainu makes a move on DD.

I only view Coby as Franky/Robin level at the moment, but he will catch up to Luffy by the end of the New World guaranteed. It will be a Gol D. Roger, Garp friendship when it comes down to it.
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