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Posted 10/24/13 , edited 10/24/13
Use this thread to discuss anything romance related (this also includes arguments against romance). Other romance related threads will either be closed or merged to this one.

The first time I read the manga, I flipped through some chapters and read some. I decided to read it full again sometime later since I liked it so much. The second time, after reading some comments I realized it was missing some chapters so I went to another site to complete the reading. It was then the first time I realized there was some romance in this manga.

Only after posting did I realize links from other pages don't work, but there's nothing I can do since the chapters are missing in MF. You can look for it if you want, look at the numbers at the end of the link, the first number is the chapter and the next one is the page. The links from this page work fine, those are link for the chapters that are in MF the rest are missing so read it from another source.

He was just jealous of Eren. Still I don't think he was wrong if he thought Mikasa had feelings towards Eren.

Mikasa towards Eren: I find Eren so cute never noticing anything.
This is where Ian tells her "...seeing as you'll be fighting to protect your love." And the expression she makes I think it might be a hint of what she feels for him.

This part was also so cute when she holds him.
Now Eren towards Annie: I wish it was true since this part where Mikasa asks him: "Or maybe... you have some kind of special feelings for her that prevent you from acting?
It would be so good, just imagine Eren liking Annie, I really like this couple and wished it was true, and how exciting if Mikasa would feel jealous. I really like Mikasa's character, if there was some main couple I would be troubled choosing between Mikasa x Eren and Eren Annie. Anyway it would be so cute seeing Mikasa jealous.

And for people who like Yaoi select the next text, if you don't like it don't read it please.
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