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Author's Note: This story was inspired by a visual novel I recently finished. At the end of this particular visual novel, a loose bunch of sentences pop-up saying a good gist of what I have typed below. I simply turned those sentences into words, then into paragraphs, etc. The story below does contain spoilers, so please read at your own discretion!

I want to remember everything again. That was what he said to me before being pushed away on the stretcher of which he laid upon. As he disappeared behind the doors which led him to the surgery room, he looked back at me with a smile that told me that everything will be alright; the kind of smile that would guide me through the wait. I kept believing as I waited, believing that this was the right decision. For two, heart-wrenching years have I endured living with a husband that no longer knew who I was, or if I even existed. But I knew this day would come, the day where he would risk his very life to simply regain the memories lost to him. Selfishly, I wanted to delay this day for as long as I could, unable to bear with the outcome of the worst-case scenario. He made that decision for me; he believed that being able to remember the love we once shared was more important than living a life without knowing me.

In the end, the surgery wasn't a success. Yet if you asked me, I would say it was a success on which he was able to regain his lost memories. Two days after the surgery, I met him in the ICU; he physically appeared much weaker than before, but there was something in which he gained in strength: his smile. Before, his smile seemed that of a certain innocence; one that held hope for this very day. But this time, his smile appeared genuine, a smile I have longed to see for a very, very, very long time. He wasn't able to talk much, but he was able to utter one word out of his mouth. That one word was my name.

The last scene we saw together will become something that will never be forgotten. It was a sunset that went on forever. We cherished this moment, never knowing how truly beautiful this world was until after that fateful day. He soon fell into a slumber during this time, his face seemingly refreshing, like how a runner felt after finishing a long race. He mumbled a few words as he slept, though when I recall his words, I know he reached the same place I did; this place of euphoria. That is what I believe.

We once walked together, laughed together, cried together, and even lived together. We never will again.

Those days that we were together, I consider them my treasure. A treasure I will never trade for anything. Those years shared with him became the best moments in my life. Even on those days where my heart ached from pain, even when I felt trapped in the inevitable sorrow; regardless of the obstacles and joys we faced, I lived through them all. That is what makes today ever so beautiful. The time spent with him was much like that lasting sunset we saw that day: beautiful.

Thanks to him, I led a good life.

I was able to find my sparkle in life, so I want to find people who are lost, as I was before, and help them now. And if you are able to keep walking, I have fulfilled my purpose. If you are able to find your treasure, please help others find their treasure, too. You will not hesitate to question once the time comes; you will already know the meaning of life. What your treasure may be and how you can obtain it is something that nobody knows, but you will surely find it someday.

So no matter how painful it is right now, no matter how sad you are; even if you are angry, even if you cry, even if you scream--- If you, the person on the other side of this screen, were to find yourself alone, it is alright. You're not alone. I'm here, and I will always be here.

This is what he led me to believe to this very day. Though we may never walk with each other ever again, he is still here with me. He will always be here with me.

So let's go! The world is beautiful, and life is beautiful. It's a wonderful life!
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