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Posted 10/29/13 , edited 10/30/13
What type of anime fan are you? For example I am a supporter of anime I purchase merchandise such as anime dvds, artwork, and other misc anime merchandise. I am also starting a local anime fan group and going to maybe start selling some anime good locally. I support crunchyroll and culture Japan. I am looking into learning to draw however that does not seem to be going well. So back to the original question why type of anime fan are you?
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Posted 10/30/13 , edited 10/31/13
The more I think about it, the more I realize that I'm less a fan of anime, and more a fan of anime girls. ALL of my stuff (wall scrolls, figures, books, etc.) are female. Those Japanese sure know how to make an ideal female!

I love anime girls. :3

And, obviously, I like anime with lots of moe girls. Harem, ecchi, stuff like that.
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Posted 10/31/13 , edited 10/31/13
I'm on a more of a "fanatic" than "Otaku"

I've got my gundam models, my Figma set, my Chogokin, several PVC's (But none from the Banpresto line, that line is horrible) and a couple of the Figuarts as well. It's easy to say I like my figures.

That said, I've also got my Berserk wall scroll, and several prints I got at the last Con I went too, thinking my wall should be less white, and covered with a few anime girls.

Then I've got the various DvD's and the like, even a Gundam X bootleg! A lot of stuff I grabbed at stores around my house tho, so single volume dvd's for .hack, Berserk, YYH, and Scrapped Princess.

I really like entering the forums on Crunchyroll to argue and talk about various anime, and I watch it with my family and friends. I'm the guy who's letting my friends borrow Dvd's so I can get them more knowledgeable. Dude finished Clannad and is now watching Gurren Lagann.

I also take great joy in learning various differences between Japanese and American culture, how we treat our media differently. This has caused me some hate for certain more moe-based anime, but love to the more cultural ones.

If there's anything I hate, it's bland characters. Anime with that is rather low on my list.

oh and, I'm playing Muv-luv, the visual novel right now. So, I'm in it pretty deep.
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