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Do you cheat in games?

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Posted 10/4/18 , edited 10/4/18
When I was an avid game player, I would use either cheat codes to use for fun or guides if I am having difficulty finding an item or unaware where to go next. I was not bothered using either during my first time playing or after completing a game.
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Posted 10/5/18 , edited 10/5/18
Long one, prepare yourselves.

I used to play Doom 2 on the easiest mode with God mode and lights on and all weapons and it barely helped.


I forget the rest. I grew up and never finished the game. I was like 8 and it was my dad's game that I was sneaking time on anyway.

I have an older brother that I just now suspect cheated a lot in games, since he always gave me the cheat codes. Never made that connection. But he also always made fun of me for using them, so I got out of it pretty early. Always tried to play to the best of my ability. To impress the real gamer in my life, my brother. Who always beat the games I couldn't beat without cheat codes and never bragged about beating them....

Anyway, I do not cheat or mod or hack games to this day. No regrets, I'd rather have a hard time and honestly never beat a game than break the game to win. I also never loved a game that made me rage because those games would get shut off by Mom and returned to Blockbuster - clearly I couldn't handle Mortal Kombat. Games are fun for exactly what they are, even if they're hard (or even if I'm convinced other people are cheating or being cheap) Fighting game lover to this day, my DBFighterZ ranked record is 300+ matches ~80 wins, no rage quits. Bringing up KD ratios in multiplayer FPS games makes me roll my eyes. Platinum RL reward last season, but will lose a match 10-0 and still say gg.

Wow, my video game upbringing is better than I realized until just now.

Full disclosure, I have walkthroughed quite a few puzzles in fairly non-puzzle oriented games. My one big shame is when I had two pages of notes for the hand signals in the back alley for Monkey Island 2. I thought my game had to be broken. Checked a walkthrough and it was like
Too abstract for a guy who has completed every Monkey Island game besides those hand signals. Puzzle games are great. Puzzles in non-puzzle games generally upset me if I can't solve them quickly.
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Posted 10/4/18 , edited 10/5/18
Walkthroughs, yes. Nothing tech.
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Posted 10/6/18 , edited 10/7/18
After finishing the game, yes.
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35 / M / Canada
Posted 10/9/18 , edited 10/14/18
I do not cheat, but if I am stuck in a game for a long time, I go read a walkthrough. I do not consider this as cheating.
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Posted 10/12/18 , edited 10/13/18
If I get super mad, yes I will
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Posted 10/14/18 , edited 10/14/18
idk how, im not that smart
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Posted 10/17/18 , edited 10/17/18
I don't but if they show me their deck by accident it's not my problem.
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Posted 11/5/18 , edited 11/5/18
No especially since cheating today is not simply typing in say a password or finding a glitch but actually hacking online games to cheat to win in multiplayer games of any kind. If you don't got the skill to win, get better with practice don't cheat even if in sports, people use drugs and other forms of cheating too and it seems some of the public doesn't care so long as they get their entertainment. It's still all cheating, the fans, the players and the people who are cheating who can face ramifications if caught.
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Posted 11/13/18 , edited 11/14/18
Last time i cheated was when i did my Crushing playthrough on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Very rarely i had some trouble (Chapter 8 in particular was the most annoying one).
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