Making your own anime?
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(Connection to the past)
In the past is where we find the truths about who we are and how we came to be. so what if you had the power to change that? well Nie is about to find out he has the power. but what is he to do with it? How is he to control it? (jumping ahead)---> now that he used his power for the first time, he warps himself back to the dark ages. at first this is a dream, everything he wanted...until he realizes, he cant go back! now trapped and clueless how will he find his way home from this nightmare?.... Short story that i wrote 2 weeks ago. its longer but like i said keep it short. just the general story. have fun i look forward to reading them :]
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Title : Mrs. Estacion
Japanese title : Mrs. エスタシオン
Episodes : 12
Genre : Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatural
Studio : Maikaze

Synopsis : One day, a girl had a dream of the seasons.
It was in a world where many clouds floated in the orange sky.
Somehow, it was a strange dream that felt like it was not a dream.
For a while, she felt a bit sleepy in the dream
but she noticed that she could not wake up from the dream.
Very impatiently, to escape from the dream, the girl decided to explore.

More details :
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4 moe blobs start a club at their school and talk about their homework during lunch breaks.
It follows the school curriculum and educates the audience on common maths formulas, Japanese history, writing essays and contrasts good studying habits with procrastination.
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Hi! I'm closing this because there's already a very similar topic. Please share your ideas in that existing thread instead.


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