Whats your anime crush? Lets talk (;
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Posted 10/31/13 , edited 10/31/13
Unless Im just a strange individual (Which I am), I believe we all have watched a show and completely fell for a character. Im talkin about those characters you wish to god they were real, because you feel like they are just perfect in ever way possible! Like I said I might be the only one but Im not afrade to admit that ive crushed over a couple of anime girls in the past.

So lets start this topic out with a couple questions I have for you awesome people of crunchyroll!
Do you have a anime crush? and if so why do you like them so much? Lets talk about it! (;

Another good question is why do we find anime characters so attractive?

My own answer to this question would be because anime girls are almost like aliens, I cant speak for anime guys but as far as girls go I feel like not one girl on this planet is anything like a girl from an anime (Or so ive experienced but Im still young ya know?). Most of them have a perfect body from head to toe yet still are innocent 90% of the time (Unless your watchin Hentai). They all have very unique personalities that you wouldnt find on an everyday girl and it makes them stickout from a crowd which is extreamly attractive in my opinion! I have many many personal opinions but those are just my opinions, I wanna know what you guys think!

My current anime crush would have to be Asuna Yuuki! Shes a badass fighter and can hold her own, she's got the body of a god and to top it all off is one of the best girlfriend characters ive seen so far! (My own personal opinion of course (: AND SHE COOKS!! Lets talk about it shall we? (:

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VextHamton wrote:

blue][Do you have a anime crush? and if so why do you like them so much? Lets talk about it! (;

Hi there we already have a topic about anime crushes, please contribute there:


I'm not sure whether or not we already have a topic talking about why some find anime characters so attractive, but there might be (I'm heading off to my wage-paying job so don't have time to look). I'd suggest browsing the forum, and if you don't see one, start a thread that doesn't so much target the "who your crushes are" as the "why anime characters are attractive."

Basically, even though you've provided some good discussion questions, if you start a thread with "what is..." or "who is..." you're likely to get a lot of people just giving you a list, and not bothering with the why.

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