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Crunchyroll Manga App on Android- Bugs, Problems and Issues Thread

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Posted 8/12/19 , edited 2/21/20
I just got a new phone, and for whatever reason, the Manga app doesn't already know about the favorites I set in it on my old phone. I thought being logged in on both, the favorites would be synced, but apparently not. So I figure I'll just add them manually on the new phone, except I can't. It gives me an error. From the post before me, I see this has been an issue since May, about 3 months ago. It still hasn't been fixed? When can we expect an update to the Manga app that will allow us to add favorites (or sync them)? Thanks.
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Posted 11/15/19 , edited 11/15/19
On my new Pixel 4 XL, the manga app refuses to accept my login credentials. I've triple checked that I'm entering the right information, but the app always declares the info to be incorrect.

Because of this, the manga app is completely unusable at the moment.
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Posted 11/18/19 , edited 11/18/19
I have the same issue as jusinkal the app is telling me my login information is incorrect, I even tried to see if I could do a forgot password and reset it even though I have the login information correct. The app tells me I dont have permission to do a forgot password.
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Posted 11/20/19 , edited 11/20/19
Same as above. It's been a week! This is ridiculous. What am I paying for?
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Posted 11/23/19 , edited 11/24/19
Device: Pixel 2 XL
OS Version: 10
Patch Level: November 5, 2019
Issue with app: Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3
Issues with other apps? No
Error message: Incorrect login information

Same issue as above.
I've tried: Resetting my password twice, copy and pasting from a password manager, manually entering password, using email address to login, using username to login.
I've been able to login and use Cruncyroll 2.5.1 and the website on a PC in both Firefox and Chrome.
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Posted 2/21/20 , edited 2/21/20
I am having the same issues on my S8+. For the past year probably longer I have not been able to make manga favorite. I have to search every time I log in. And apparently Crunchyroll see this as no priority since I notice others have had the same problem for the same amount of time.

I emailed them twice and did the generic uninstall reinstall and power off my device. Obviously I haven't turned off my phone in the past year.

Edit: You could be lame and do an easy fix and add favorites on the website that also work in the app if you are unable to correct the bug.
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