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Posted 11/1/13 , edited 11/1/13
1. no god modding it pees the stuffing out of me
2. if you have a dispute take it to pms and try and sort it out if you can't between you then a mediator might step in
3. unless the other person agrees no meta gaming which is useing knowledge you don't have or reading minds and such.
4. please let one of us know if your on hatus and such so we can work with you
5. I really get peeded off when people do posts like *nods so no offense but if your one of those people i would like to eaither give pointers or set up a private training rp.
6. Bullying is a nono for all members you get three strikes then i kick you for good
7. if you don't understand something please ask me or one of the other mods
8. please don't create more that one char if your new and please make a half decent bio
9. please give a realistic age for your char even if it's a supernatural being.
10. please don't start rping before you are approved by me or one of the mods you can post in the other forums while you wait i'm not a tyrant lol.
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