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Posted 11/1/13 , edited 11/1/13
I noticed that if I watch a movie on my iPad using Crunchyroll app, and then I stop the move in the middle, and then leave the application for a few minutes. Crunchyroll will forget which movie I was watching, and it would go back to the main menu.

Is there any chance that this could get fixed? I would prefer if Crunchyroll app remembered the movie that I was in the middle of watching last time. :/
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Posted 11/3/13 , edited 11/3/13
I dont really think it can get fixed, but you can always go to contact us, and simply apply what you said to the problem. Crunchyroll has some great IT helpers, so it might work if you ask for help.
Hope any of this helped you!!
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Posted 11/8/13 , edited 11/8/13

It sounds like you're having an interruption in the stream.

Unfortunately the app does not currently support 'Resume Video Playback' but I'll pass your feedback along to the engineers.
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