What are some anime drawing/ manga drawing tips
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Posted 11/1/13 , edited 11/2/13
you'd give to someone new to drawing or good at drawing?

I'm not really sure how good I am, but I'd like to hear advice from different people just to better find new ways to experiment etc.

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Don't start drawing with the intent of copying any kind of manga style. Learn the basics of realism (especially anatomy/ perspective/ etc.) first, and then stylise it later. It might seem boring, but it will make your later work significantly better.

http://helpyoudraw.tumblr.com/ <- also this might be of use to you
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^ what she said.
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be you
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I can tell you something I wish every artist would know, don't always draw with a heavy hand and with your wrist if you lean to hard on your hand and make tight movements you might get arthritis and carpel tunnel sometimes my hand is sore from past habits, now I try to draw with my whole arm using my elbows lol the movement comes from my elbows more, movements should be light flowing and fluid really helps with fluid hair ect.

Paint Chatting. drawing online with other people live gives a sense of friendly competition, it also helps with speed, although not alot of paint chat sites around anymore. http://www.iscribble.net/ is one of them.

gesture drawing quick sloppy drawings focusing on getting the feeling of motion and weight of the character instead of focusing on the details,
helps with stiff posed looking drawings,product of all those how to draw manga books that teach you to use to many stiff steps better to be fluid like and athlete and dive in. (buy cheap paper if drawing without computer like typewriting paper or unruled writing tablet paper that you can
doodle on without spending a fortune.)

paying attention to the whole picture step back and critic yourself, dose your drawing pop dose it blend together to much is it boring, does it tell a story or have a theme.

Negative space is part of the drawing, notice the areas between the areas each has a unique space and shape the area between the arms legs etc.all have form and give part to the picture.

people watching imagining the way it feels to be another person the way there body moves ect. (I know sounds kinda creepy. lol) visualize what an object feels like without touching it. (helps you think 3dimensionally.)

Draw in the air with your fingers, pretend your tracing or painting the universe lol people may think your crazy but hey its actually helpful In loosening the wrist and arm while helping with cordination and perception.

Find what is pleasing to you and enhance it within your style.
Contrary to what others say do copy others work if they have something you like make it yours.
don't use grids, feel what the artist feels, each artist has their own universe with its own set of laws and appearence
later as you grow you may take bits and pieces of your cherished mentors and teachers with you,
they will be with you yet your style will grow into its own.

In the end an artist doesn't just draw what they see after all they are an artist not a copy machine.
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Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/10/13
Cheat use 3D software like I do then trace over it.

The biggest thing to look out for if you want to be a great artist, is story telling skills. If you just copy someone elses work, then you're not an artist you're a photocopier with arms. (In my defense, I do create the 3D Models myself before tracing lol).

But if you sit down, and lay out a whole original story, that will inspire you to create unique characters, backgrounds and situations. By finding the story you wish to express, you'll find the artist that expresses it. Just remember to be forgiving of yourself, no one gets their idea's exactly right, what's in our heads and what lands on the paper are often two different things. But, it's that co-operation of body and mind, the little mistakes and the big accidents that often lead to something even better than you originally started out wanting to produce.
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