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Posted 11/3/13 , edited 11/4/13
Hi there! I have a couple of questions that maybe some CR staffs/admins could answer (Or maybe am member who would happen to have knowledge of this subject)

Here in EU (sweden atleast) we have less bigger titles of anime to watch, though sometimes they become available for us to enjoy (after some time).

But here are the questions I wanted to ask:
1. What process goes into making an anime licensed for us and available into our territory?
2. Why does it take so long (providing that you're trying to make it happen) ?
3. Are there some titles that you just can't show us even if you tried?
4. It this being worked on as we speak?

So there you go, I'm just asking stuff out of curiosity, And I'm not saying that I'm displeased with the content that is available for us, Though of course I am a bit jelly that we don't get everything handed on a silver plate like in the western countries (But that is just normal)
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Posted 11/8/13 , edited 11/8/13


We bid on every show every season.
There are also competitors which could end up with the rights for home distribution or streaming.
Contracts take time.
We're constantly working to expand our library as well as region availability.

Also, please remember that our licensing team is made up of 3 folks.

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