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Post Reply Crunchyroll native app for LG Smart TV's
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Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/21/14

IngramIV wrote:

The interesting point here is: I have tested the LG Smart TV (LG 47LN5700 [2013]) web Browser on CR and it work fine, just that it does not have the subtitles.

Odd that the subtitles would be missing if it supports the video in the browser. Is the "Exclusive stream for..." and the occasional CR bug in the upper right corner also missing?

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Posted 4/23/14 , edited 4/23/14
This is serious, I was wrong. LG Smart TV does not only support 720p but does support 1080p too!

(Ignore the lens flare I know is not a video since a video would be impsible for me to upload)

Indeed it is missing the Exclusive stream for and the subs.

So let`s do a list
Does LG Web Browser support Log in for Premium? Yes
Does support 720p and 1080p video streams from CR? yes.
Does support subtitle? . Nope
I don`t know which typeof subs does CR use but a CR program it is almost done on LG Smart TV.
Come on CR! I am counting on you! I don't want to sell my New LG Smart TV for a Samsung one.
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Posted 8/31/14 , edited 8/31/14

For technical questions I have always turned me on Sven of

He has to all matters relating to Samsung ready answer.

Who incidentally now also made a new page, where there are hundreds of apps and streaming.
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