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655 R.D. : Chapter 1: Expansionism and Protest.

The town of Sina, located in the center of Tross, also serving as a port town for trade and travel, and home to much government propaganda and protests of the expansion bill allowing the human government to expand in to land near Elfling territory, fearing ulterior motives are driving the decision. Yoshida Misato, a university student, is in the center, of the conflict, supporting the anti-expansion movement, even leaving her parents, who support the expansion, to commute to and from university and meeting sites for protest.

Misa: [to the dock workers] Good morning!
worker A: Good morning lil' lady! where you headed, don't tell me you plan to leave town again!
misa: no nothing that rash, only to the market!
worker B: don't go botherin' no gaurds today okay? we can't bail you out of jail all the time!
misa: I know I know, don't worry, I'm only shopping today! *smiles*

Misato, a tall tomboy-ish character with long hair spanning to her shoulders, wears blue under rimmed glasses, and finger-less gloves. She is around 6 feet and skinny. On her way to the local market, she notices 2 republic guards dragging away another university student protesting the territory expansion.

misa: Thee goes another one, are these noobies NOT going to meetings or what? rule number one, never protest alone.
???: mi-nee-chan! hey! mi-nee-chan!
misa: Saki-chan! hey!
saki: Mama says she needs you to pick up some clothes from the tailor.
misa: No problem! you tell your mom i'll be there as soon as i can okay? and you behave too!
saki: Okay!
misa: [looks up] looks like rain, better have saki-chan get home, i can go shopping when the rain stops.
saki-chan! Saki-chan! ... hmm? well, i guess she's not too far away anyway, but its the bar i'm worried about.

misa: *gasp!* SAKI-CHAN!
???: shut up brat, or slit your fuckin' throat!
saki: *!!!* [starts to cry]
???: god dammit shut the fuck up already! ain't no one got the balls to save you!
misa: SAKI! *huff* *huff*
saki: *mhhh! fmhhh!*
???: dammit bitch... the fuck do you want?
misa: that girl is not yours! leave her here!
???: [pulls dagger] and what if i don't!?
misa: WAIT! why do you want her!?
???: shes my ticket out of here! i plan to blame my old gang for her murder, and you're gonna be
a good little bitch and cooperate!
misa: no! ... here! a free ticket to the eastern end of tria! once your there head strait to the housing office
whatever university that is in that area will give you a place to live!
???: The fuck are you talking about!?
misa: you want to get out of town right!? the NDA keeps the dock workers from reporting you unless proper documents are given to them along with a reason to pursue you, your basically safe unless you get extradited.
???: whoa you serious!? take the fucking girl!, you better not be fuckin' with me! i kill you and the damned girl!
misa: saki-chan! are you okay?
saki: *hugs* onee-chan!!!
misa: it's okay, i'll walk you home.
saki: wasn't that your only pass?
misa: yeah :P, is fine though.
saki: i'm sorry, i made you use your only pass. I wasn't any help either.
misa: no no, it's all fine, listen, you're still alive right? that's all that matters right now.
oh! here we are!
saki: MOM, MOM! mi-nee-chan was a superhero!
saki's mom: oh really?
saki: YEAH! she saved me from bad guys!
saki's mom: okay hun, go inside and get ready for lunch!
saki: okay!
saki's mom: she wasn't any trouble right?
misato: Oh no! none at all! *gasp* i am late!
saki's mom: whats wrong?
misato: i'm doing a presentation today!
saki's mom: oh!? good luck!

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