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Posted 11/7/13 , edited 11/8/13


Welcome to Aizreve~! We are in search of dedicated active roleplayers and seeing you can access this page, you must be a member~!
We're not very strict here as long as you follow the rules, after all it's important to have them or it'll go craazy, so they are below:

✔ First of all be active, at least appear and roleplay once a week.
✔ Follow the rules.
✔ Respect all other roleplayers.
✔ What happens here stays here! If you don't get along well with a character, don't go hunting for them outside of RP. Strictly speaking, we are not breeding haters...! More peaace...! Which brings me to the point of...
✔ Aizreve is a place where you can RP and make friends. It's not mandatory to make friends but it'salways welcome to find new friends here.
✔ No overuse of swearing...you can have a character who does that but there will be limitations...!
✔ PG-13 only...take it to spoilers or PM if it gets intimate.
✔ Do not kill off other RP characters without permission, please ask them before you proceed.
✔ Wait for approval before RPing.
✔ No god-modding, that is overpowering another character and not letting them have control or choices for their next post.

✔ No quote pyramids~ I trust you all know how to delete old text and add spoilers-- if you don't then it comes to my next point...
✔ Use the Practice Thread to practice RP and learn how to RP~
✔ This has happened before elsewhere and to prevent war-- If a character is shipped with another character, please ask both RPers before you create another ship otherwise you'll only be a third wheel!
✔ Please don't spam the wall...
✔ When roleplaying, your post should be longer than one line of words...at least a small paragraph otherwise it wouldn't be considered proper RP.
✔ To prove you have read the rules, PM me 'cocunuts' thank you!
✔ Also-- for the whole of the Aizreve, "♚ = Completed updates or goals ♥ = Uncompleted " so when rewards after each chapter are up the symbols also apply!
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