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Create your character here, be aware that apart from making them a legit age, they are all 'human' and have all followed the basic idea of having just graduated from the modern version of Everzia Academy. In case you didn't know, Everzia Academy is the school attended by the Unexplained for training and education before she was sent on her quest.
Special Spots are available at the moment and even if they are all taken, there are still spots for mods or even if you pay lucky attention there might be more Special Spots that I will add.

Remember to frequently update your profile when you complete chapters! Also, please DO NOT alter the template!

Special Spots OPEN: PM TO APPLY
2nd Child with Birthmark: 1/1
Antagonist Creator (designs and makes enemies): 0/1
Mods: 3/3

Follow the template below:

Character's Name:
Age: Legit age, nothing over 100...
Gender: Best if it's just male or female but it they are crossdressing or transgender, you must say in this section~
Height: Legit height please~ Maximum height 3 metres tall...
Birthday (optional):
Biography: Please make it at least a paragraph~ No short sentenced bios~
Weapon: One weapon only...
Abilities/Skills (only limited to three for starters): Make 3 skills but make sure they are of the same category. All elements acceptable, but best if they are used together with the weapon. Healing magic allowed. Give them titles also...
Items Bag: What you have acquired after chapters. If it's used, remove or cross out.
HP: All start with 100 HP. As you fight, HP is taken off and returned if healed. if you drop to 0, you will black out for a short while and weaken.
MP: Use this to cast spells and use skills. All start with 200 MP. Here, show how much HP is taken off from each skill/ability but they must add up to your total MP.If you're confused see examples below or Creator's character profiles!
Coins: All start with 1000
Pairing/s (if any): Crushes and shipping goes here.
Appearance: In spoilers please unless the profile is themed or decorated

Examples of how to use MP with skills/abilities:
HP: 50
MP: 30
Your skills can be 3 spells that use 10 MP (adding up to 30 in total). When in battle, the skills that use 10 MP will take off 10 HP from the enemy.
In short, however many MP a skill uses will be how much HP will be taken from the target.
For healing, however MP it uses to heal the target will be half the amount of HP taken from the healing USER.
It's best to put them to nearest numbers, or in 10s for easy calculation.

Further explanation for healing and skills:

Questions are accepted via PM~
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I have a few characters I made before but I'll use them here because I like using them~~~

The First Child with the Birthmark

APPROVED XD Welcome to myself~

The Colourblind

APPROVED Welcome to me again.


APPROVED Welcome Thomas~!
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APPROVED OuO Welcome Eclair~!
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19 / M
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the second birth marked child

APPROVED OuO Welcome Augustus~!
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APPROVED ^u^ Welcome Fiera~!
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IM FINALLY DONE. MY BBY IS DONE. did i do anything wrong? q//wq

APPROVED XD Welcome Shiroryuu~!
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33 / M / london
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Posted 11/14/13 , edited 11/17/13

APPROVED OuO/ Welcome Vivian~!
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F / uck no
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female :: 16 :: commonly known as "Lux" :: 5'6
{100 HP} {200 MP}

male :: 17 :: commonly known as "Dan" :: 6'1
{100 HP} {200 MP}

APPROVED. Welcome, Asteria & Daniel~.
- V

male :: 17 :: commonly known as "Miles" :: 6'2
{100 HP} {200 MP}
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