Future Diary Short Film (Mirai Nikki)
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Posted 11/8/13 , edited 11/8/13
So recently ive been putting alot of thought into doing a short film over one of my personal favorite anime's, Future Diary or if you wanna call it by its real name, Mirai Nikki. I loved the overall plot of the series and I believe it would be enjoyable to watch in Live Action considering its somewhat realistic. I am aware that there already is an eastern Live Action series but I personally wanna see one with more western culture. This short is being made completely for fun but it will be taken seriously.

So with all that being said lets get the the point of this forum post!

This short film will hopefully be kept in the time frame of 5-15mins long, I want to stay true the series but I don't want to copy it, meaning I don't want any characters from the anime showing up. They can be mentioned or referenced but I don't feel as tho they need to make an appearance. I like to think the anime took place in the east so this video would be in the west. So with those idea's in place I was wondering what idea's you awesome people of the community could come up with?

Or better said, If you could make a Future Diary short film, what would you do? What would the story be?

PS: If any of you are interested I've recently made a group dedicated to creative anime lovers! If your an artist of any kind doesn't matter if you Film, Draw, Photo's, Cosplay or even make music feel free to check out the group! Its called Otaku Creators!

URL: http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Otaku_Creators
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