HGTV: Consumer Electronic Show
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Posted 6/23/07 , edited 6/23/07
The other night I was watching HGTV: Consumer Electronic Show, which was all about the hot new tech that are coming out this year. However, after watching the show there was hardly even a product I felt was not worth buying at all. I mean they were bringing up products that were already out on the market, but hope that the public would start buying more. For example, Vonage V-Phone that looks like a flash drive (acts like one too), hooks up to computer or laptop so you can make phone calls around the world use the web. This product has already been on the market since Vonage come out, so why are they telling the public it's a hot new item? Then they showcase other tech like a cell phone that has GPS system for your pre-teens? Why would a parent in their right mind would buy such a product and poor kid would feel they don't have no freedom. I understand there are a lot of bad guys in this world, but how is GPS on your kids phone going to help them feel safe? Another example on another dump product is the Breaker Breaker Backpacks that look like a cute purse, but with speakers for an MP3 player!! The list goes on, products that the public may not really need or want. I put the link up and let you guys decide if these products are really worth it.
Posted 6/23/07 , edited 6/23/07
well market studies shows that most people dont but what they need,
they buy what they want.
Just in example about most stuff you talked about, they're wants.
not needs. Ridiculous wants might I add.

but majority of the public is not intune with today's high tech gadgets.
Japan has had some of this for years, but like I said the vast majority
of the public is not aware.

Overall it's products like these that breed better products, so though
overly priced and exceedingly ridiculous.. they serve their
part in the ever evolving market.
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Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/21/09
~Outdated thread.
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