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"Hello, my name is Ena~ Welcome, how can I help you? *smiles* You'd like to buy something? Come this way~ *giggles* "

"Kale's the name, now, whatchu after? You want to sell something? Right-O, let me see what you've got. *watches you intently with a faint smile* "

The siblings Ena and Kale will be willing to assist you with purchases or selling items.
Here you can buy:

- 100 HP potions (singular use) | 50 coins
- 500 HP potions (singular use) | 200 coins
- Revival Elixir (singular use) | 500 coins
- Healing Stone (5 uses of 200 HP, recharge for three days) | 500 coins

They sell for the same price. For singular use items that have been open and/or used, the price will go down a bit. Same goes for multiple use items. If they have been used already, they sell for lower price. BE HONEST when the siblings ask whether you have used it or not...! If you have forgotten, they automatically sell for a lower price.
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