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Madara Uchiha
Posted 11/9/13 , edited 11/10/13

stark700 wrote:

Not sure how exactly he is going to get beaten but knowing the direction of this show, I predict some technique that would take him out to the next world. Since he's already can't kill him.

As for defeating him as a whole...that day will come someday, just don't expect for in it a long time here in the anime since he hasn't even been beaten in the manga yet.

Aleph- wrote:

Pretty sure killing him would do the trick.

He's already dead.

I believe you have a point

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Posted 11/9/13 , edited 11/10/13

kiritokazumi wrote:

How can madara uchiha be defeated? As i read, he can live for about a 100 years
This topic is for anyone to express their opinion about this.

I wonder, and I'm quite interested to see, because even though I am reading the manga, I'm not caught up and am only a tiny bit ahead of the anime.

Anyway, I"m closing this because it seems this question would be appropriate as part of the current show discussion thread in the Anime Forum:


Please feel free to ask and respond there.

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