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Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/10/13

A one-shot about a grade school class that accepts a girl with impaired hearing. Everything is not as happy as it seems. Although this one-shot won the 80th Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award, the vector of the content made it difficult for publication on any manga magazine, until it was picked up, after months of legal dispute, by the February edition of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, where it got first place despite its being a one-shot. This one-shot was recently publicized again on the 12th issue of the 2013 Weekly Shounen Magazine and serialized on the 36th-37th double issue of the same year.

I stumbled upon this manga, and the story is quite nice... so i wonder if anyone have read this before? If so please tell me your opinion about it! Nishimiya-san is so beautiful and i dont care about her being deaf~ <3
Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/11/13
Spoilers ahead
Just went trough right now.
It feels like "alot" of what gets the story moving forward is unrealistic.
Like when he gave his bicycle to a person who obviously was a bully.
Or when Nishimiya's little brother was standing in the doorway and this for some reason was hindering him from entering the room..?

Chapter 4,when he lies on the floor after getting beat (after catching the slipper thiefs) he sympathizes strongely with Nishimiya ("Nishimiya was this going through your head too? Like to hell with you, Ishida?"). She comes, wipes some blood of his face, and the he kicks her..

I also question if a person who likes hurting animals, jumps of bridges to "win" against boredom really would react the way he did to the bullying.

Also, what the is wrong with Nishimya's mother (ecspecially regarding the haircut in the extra)? She is probably sick of her daughter getting bullied, but is the cure really doing something against her will..?

Not my cup of tea but i really liked Nishimiya, would've liked to see her in anime. A little off-topic but is there any animes with an important deaf character? Can't think of any on the spot.

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Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/11/13
Since the one shot I've had mixed feelings towards the main character. Sometimes I want to punch him in the face, and sometimes I feel like he needs a hug.

Compared to the manga I usually read, this is quite unique. I like that about it, I am curious how this will go considering it's a weekly manga even though this sorta has the plot of a monthly manga.
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Posted 11/10/13 , edited 11/11/13
Really? This is weakly? From the somewhat regular translation releases I was thinking bi-monthly. >< There are so many good manga that are really behind in the translation, I wish I knew Japanese better ><
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Posted 7/19/14 , edited 7/20/14
Closed as duplicate because there's an older and more recently active thread.

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