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November 11th, Lest we forget.
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Happy Veterans Day (Darn it I'm one day late!)
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puellapeanut wrote:

Schmeh172 wrote:




But seriously, a huge shout out to all the veterans.

Did you have to write those obnoxious quotes? This is WW1 we're talking about, not WW2. While American troops did finally come to the aid of the Brits, Canadians etc. in WW1, and while they did provide food and all, don't act like America won the war all on its own. American troops came in when everyone on all sides were exhausted, so they (America) were able turn the tables in favor of the "good guys" with their fresh troops. America didn't do much in WW1. It wasn't really their war. While it is good regardless to remember who fought, don't say things like that in your quote. It's rude and hurtful to others, and to Americans as well who know better.

I hope you know those are the lyrics to "America, f**k yeah!" from "Team America: World Police".

Though the US entered late, it's stance of neutrality during "the war to end all wars" was anything but neutral. At the out set of the war, the US's exports of raw materials to those that signed the pact with Germany steadily dropped, while in contrast, those of the entente cordiale jumped to a whopping 300% at it's peak.
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