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Posted 11/11/13 , edited 11/12/13
The PMD game that recently came out, PMD Gates to Infinity, was sadly, not very good. At least compared to the golden time of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, oh yes, the golden times, I remember, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time. Sadly, because of the failure of the recent game, it is unlikely that they might make another. It is hard to match the story line from Explorers of Time, after all, it has one of the best story lines in all of the side games, or even the regular games! Here we celebrate the possible end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. But I still have hope they make another game.

Here's a story I wrote,

Chapter One: Discovery

"Boss! We made a break through!" Rick walked over to the excavation site of their newest discovery.

A large building carved out of a hill, they have excavated a tent at the top, which was in the shape of a Wigglytuff. Diana, the main excavator, uncovered something.

"Boss! Look Here!" Rick peered over at the hole in the ground.

They had finally uncovered the entrance to the ruins.

"Okay guys, i'm going in." He clicked his light on.

"Okay, but i'm coming in too then." Diana started down the ladder. "

Be careful, we don't know whats down there." He warned. They descended down the ladder, which stood firmly.

To their surprise, they found the chamber surprisingly bright, because there were windows that let the light in. There was only one single lantern that was lit.

He clicked his light off as Diana did the same.

"Lets go in there!" she said, she ran toward the door with a carved symbol.

"Wait! You might break something..." He ran toward her.

She opened the door ad there it was. A single figure stood in the room, looking like it was waiting for them

"So it starts"
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