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Posted 11/12/13 , edited 11/12/13
The Android Manga app is a great start, but I'm experiencing an extremely annoying issue: after being left for a few hours, there seems to be some sort of session timeout. While the index is still accessible, it is no longer possible to view chapters as a message pops up saying reading is unavailable.

At that point, taking other actions (such as starting up the app or even tapping 'Logout') flash a quick message on the screen saying "Unauthenticated action". The app remains unusable until killing using 'Force Stop' in an app manager. This is a workaround, but it is extremely annoying.

Also, the Manga app is missing some critical features that it needs before it's ready for prime time:

1. The app does not remember the last page read in a chapter. Every time one opens a chapter, it starts at page one. Bookmarking is not a suitable replacement.

2. The only way to navigate within a chapter appears to be by single pages, which is particularly annoying when combined with (1).

3. It is impossible to tell how long a chapter is, in terms of pages, until you're at the last page. So, when it says "Ch. 30, Page 11", please make it something like "Ch.30, Page 11/20".

4. It is impossible to tell what the last chapter you have read is. For long titles, this is deadly! One has to guess about where one stopped reading and keep checking until one finds the right place. Take a look at how reading is tracked in, e.g., Perfect Viewer, which uses a simple check-in-a-circle that fills with green until it is completely read, at which point the circle turns red. Any sort of progress bar should be sufficient, but it must be visible on the in-title chapter index. In addition, some sort of progress should be indicated on both the master title index (so one can see what titles have unread chapters, both in the main list and in one's personal favorites).

6. Rotation is borked. When viewing a chapter, the device orientation is correctly detected. In the index, though, it always goes to the "default" orientation (which is upside-down from the way I keep my device in its holder). Please enable free rotation (including landscape, which should be added to the anime Android app, as well).

Thanks for the app and the service!
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Posted 11/14/13 , edited 11/14/13

Passing this info along. There was also a Site News post calling for feedback!
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Posted 6/29/17 , edited 6/29/17
hello, when will this be fixed, I have been getting this problem for 2months (that's how long i've had the tv for) it comes up with this app session expired, I do not get this on my xbox or ps.

am also getting Small black bar on the left side and right side.

the Tv i have is sony XE90
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