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Female Anime Fans' View on Perfect Anime Women
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Posted 11/13/13 , edited 11/14/13

kirika202 wrote:

Why does it matter if someone is a girl, a boy, mexican or english? personality matters to me, I will not dislike or like someone just because it is a boy/girl or because of his/her ethnicity. I'm not saying I'm "ignoring" their gender, it's more along the lines of "I don't care for the character's gender or ethnicity, I care for their personality and what they bring to the story" . I will not 'fangirl' over a character just because he is hot, if the character is dull for me, he doesn't matter.

How can you be an equal while remaining not completely equal? or you meant to say both things at the same time, like being an equal AND a sex symbol?

I'm a huge fan of the Gundam series, they weren't in mind when I mentioned "sex symbols" I was referring to what I wrote before ie. "ecchi" and "harem" animes. Those animes that show dumb, innocent women with huge boobs and sexy bodies....and that's all there is to those characters.

I don't mind sexy girls with strong personalities like Faye Valentine, that's completely different to being a 'sex symbol' and the difference lays in the fact that the anime doesn't focus on her boobs only, we can see her struggles and how she overcomes them, plus she can defend herself exceptionally and excels at many things. The team will not be the same without her and this means that, while they are not equals for obvious reasons, she is equal for them.

Someones Ethnicity matters! People identify with their ethnicity, it's part of who they are. It's something that adds to a character, rather than subtracts. A proper character has their ethnicity influence who they are, and the same goes for someones gender.
I'm not trying to imply you ignore someones gender, but you should care about it. Being a man or a woman isn't useless fluff, it's something that should be acknowledged.

Indeed, I know you were referring to "walking boob's and panty shots" when you said sex symbol, but I can't resist arguing the point. We arn't in too much argument here.

Being a sex symbols is something a character can be, but it should be a part of the character, not THE character. I like to think of a quote from Fate/Franchise's Red Saber.

"My dress isn't see through, I'm letting you see through it"

Sure the character itself doesn't have much screen or character time, but simple lines like that give us some more character.

And yeah....the walking boobs...I can't imagine any good walking boob characters, like...if I think and look hard, I might be able to find one, but I won't be able to give a really good example...because if I could I already would have.
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/7/14
The anime thigh gap...

I will see how this plans outs.
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/7/14
perfect anime women?

nah, i prefer perfect anime men, thanks.
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/7/14
Imma do like every other guy in these threads and just post normally as if the M under my avy ain't no thang.

Yeah, it's weird. Even though she was pretty darn conventional, I found her very relatable despite my personality and gender being different, and her design was great indeed. I remember that she became more confident as the show went on, and though she never exactly became a feminist role-model I would say that Mei was "typical done well".

Same here, I found that the lack of refreshing or great female characters in shows like Nagi no Asukara and Log Horizon are really quite a shame, because otherwise I really enjoyed them. I'm surprised that less people didn't comment on the female characters in LH, particularly given that SAO gets unlimited flak for its own.

Totally agree, though I think the OP meant idealized more than perfect.

Felstalker wrote:One of the recurring themes insists that Women are supposed to be selfish and focus on improving their own lives, while men should be selfless and work to help others.

It's a rather sexists view on things, but Japan isn't known as the most progressive of nations when it comes to gender equality, and this is a product of the 80's. I would like you to also keep in mind how the roles aren't inherently bad, but the implications are.

This is pretty interesting. In my experience the most common gender disposition in traditional societies (and found in most anime) is that the men are supposed to be self-interested and focus on improving their own lives, because by improving their own lives they improve the lives of their brood/dependents. The women are supposed to be selfless and think only of supporting their men and offspring, and caring for them. So really, that sounds like an intriguing reversal of that dynamic the way you presented it.

Also because this isn't off-topic now I'm going to post it.

Yeah I wouldn't mind hearing this myself. That was one of the criticisms I made against it in my review. I'm equally surprised to hear that that of the author, but hey it's not a problem for a woman to want her story to feature women idealized in the conservative vein.

Girioni wrote: That women shouldn't fall into stereotypes just to fit in, but also they shouldn't actively defy it to a point they only identify themselves as opposite of society.

That's a good point, same as in RL where it gets a bit sad when you see an adult simply adopting opposite ideas to everything they grew up with. Too bad the only thing anime women tend to defy is gravity...

rundancedraw wrote:
Examples: Mikasa Ackermon (Attack on Titan), Balalika (Black Lagoon), Riza Hawkeye (FMA), Saber (Fate), etc.

Balalaika? Great call, her discussion with Hänsel by the fountain is the scene that got me to watch anime. Surprised I didn't think of her in this thread, then again it has been quite a long time since then.


On a side note: God damn it Kami, here I am spending my evening following your necros as if they were a trail of bread crumbs, reading through dusty old threads and writing answers to people who are probably no longer around to reply.
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/7/14
I dunno about you, but if I was female, my only thoughts about anime women would be,
"Damn, I wish I had a body and skin like that." (because an anime face (especially the eyes) in real life would be kinda creepy depending on the art style.)

I mean, lets face it, even the side/background female characters usually have flawless skin, slim bodies, and long legs. The only feature on anime women that i wouldn't want (if i was female) would be the oversized breasts some of them have. I run quite a lot for exercise, and that much mass would probably throw off my center of balance. I know because my mom is pretty well endowed as far as Korean women go, and she hates running for the same reason.
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/8/14
Personally, I love characters like Faye Valentine.

She's strong enough to be able to fight on the same level with Spike, and she's smart enough to be able to survive on her own. I really admire how realistically she handled herself with her past, and how much mental and emotional strength she exhibited.

Of course, she's pretty "slutty" I guess you might say, and from reading the other posts from females on this thread, this is a big no-no. However, (even though I'm biased), I think of Faye as more of being comfortable with her body and knowing that she's sexy and not being afraid to show it. I personally think that it's important for female characters to accept their feminine identity comfortably, instead of completely rejecting it. (Of course, this has some exceptions.)
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/8/14
I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this but, why are all the girls here choosing strong women?
Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/8/14

Fanimusmaximus wrote:

I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this but, why are all the girls here choosing strong women?

Most women here are probably from the western world which has had its feminist movement that encouraged looking up to such things in women, are you really that surprised?

Besides, would you rather pick the stereotypical anime girl who is a spineless sap who exists as something for guys to ogle over and has the personality of a brick, or a character that actually has something to them?

Anyway, I have no opinion on the original post.
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/27/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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