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Posted 11/13/13 , edited 11/13/13
Whats your Opinion of Love for yourself?
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Love, is kindness and a caring heart. For example, if there was a young lady crying. I don't just say whats wrong, I ask if there is anything I can do to make her smile. If a man was having problems with a relationship, I try my best to make sure they both are happy so it won't break. Love is kindness of heart. A young lady would ask, "Who can I find the perfect man?" and my answer would be "There is no such thing as a perfect man, there are such things as humans. If your needing a perfect man, start looking for Him in the Bible for He loved you no matter what. Yeah, you never met Him or seen Him. But He's met you, He saw your broken heart and took you into His arms and said MINE. He takes those who are ugly and says MINE. The unclean, MINE. The lost, MINE. You need that love? Then let Him into your life, ask Him to love you and you will feel as if you are flying because your heart feels lighter. If your having a bad day just say His name and he will be there, even if you don't say his name He will be there. There may be silence, but you will get love."

Now, if you have read through all of this, bless your heart. If you are still reading this, then continue to read on my Opinion of Love.

A true man, when trying to show his love should not harm a women. Never are you to harm a women men, for that is Dishonorable and you are not a man you are a lost child. A sad child, that wants to be loved but you attack those who try to show you that love. If a young lady, asks your opinion on if you think they are beautiful. Weather their ugly, weather they are not really beautiful on the outside. You SHOULD say, "You are the most beautiful creation God has ever placed upon this earth." Because its true, they are Beautiful in Gods hands, God made you the way you are now. He puts you through the things you go through so you can get stronger. For example of getting stronger, if your sick what do you do? You fight the sickness because you want to hang out with your friends or you want to go to the concert. The same implies to what you are going through. God does not give you challenges you can not handle, He gives you hurdles that you can jump over and He gives you unlimited tries at the hurdles.

Now, back onto the subject of what is Love. Now, this one is for the young women looking for a man, you should be looking for someone that has the same interests as you, but a man that can do manly things. I'm not saying things like, "Oh I'm a man, I can lift four hundred pounds on the bench." I would stare at that guy and just say, "Good for you man, but you can't build a freaking chair can you?" Young women, should be looking at the kindness a man can give, but the working respectful and honorable man is where its at. A man of Christ, oh boy girl if you find that kind of man so powerful in Christ and he does more then go to Church but does things for the Community that is a man of God. But be careful, for the wolf in sheep's clothing. For there are those who would act that way just to bring you down.

Now, really the age you should start really dating should be 22 and older. Because by then you'd have a job and a home. Not an apartment but a home.

Now, I'm going to stop here because really I can make a whole book upon this one subject and might still not get through some people. But if this did get through to you, then tell me. And for those who want to attack me about this subject, don't even try because you'd get no where. Thank you for your time in reading this all, and have a nice day.
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