Log Horizon Classes, Sub Classes, and Races
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Log Horizon Classes, Subclasses, and Races

Main Classes

Warrior Classes


Of the 12 classes, the Guardian has the highest defense. The Guardian has ability to hold back enemies and is the cornerstone of the front line. Despite being able to equip nearly all armor and weapons, taking into consideration the Guardian's unique characteristics, heavy plate armor, a shield, and a one-handed weapon (sword or mace) is what most players go with.
The Guardian class supports the front line and has many skills to draw aggro. For example, the Guardian is the only class that has multiple skills for the shield and skills that nullifies damage for a set amount of time.
However, the Guardian's potential to directly deal damage is not very high. A Guardian needs high quality gear to be useful, which can be said to be its weakness.


The Samurai primarily uses Japanese equipment like daiyoroi, katana and tachi. The Samurai's defense is said to rival that of the Guardian, but because of the class's inability to equip shields, its overall defense is considered inferior.
The Samurai class has many so-called "Ace Moves" that can chain large amount of combos in a short time with high offensive and defensive abilities, but with long cooldowns.
One of its weakness is that once an Ace Move is executed, the Samurai is unable to respond quickly. Also, most skills have long cool down time (generally 5–10 minutes); as a result, they cannot be used more than once or twice per battle, making this class unsuitable for a long battle. Regardless of this shortcoming, each skill is very strong and accurate and can be quite effective even against a player who is 20 levels or higher. Naturally, this class inherently requires incredible insight of the battlefield thus making it difficult to use. However, it is still extremely popular on the Japanese server.


Of the twelve classes, Monk has the highest HP stat but is limited to equipping light armor and is incapable of using shields and has even lower defense than weapon-based classes. To compensate for this, the class has a high evasion rate and the greatest resistance to special attacks. This allows the Monk to function as an evasion-type tank.
In contrast to the Samurai class, most of the skills that can be acquired by the class has very short cooldowns, allowing them to attack continuously by using a variety of offensive techniques. Some combinations even give special bonuses or trigger additional combos if performed in a predetermined order. Therefore, the Monk class has the highest offensive ability amongst the three warrior classes, making this class popular amongst solo players.

Weapon-Based Classes


Of the twelve classes, the Assassin has the highest physical damage per second output. It is a pure offensive class, a master of melee weapons as well as capable of learning ranged weapon skills. In fact, some players prefer to use bows and act as back row support.
Though the class suffer from skills with long cooldown, it is capable of killing an enemy in one hit by targeting their weak spot. In addition, the Assassin can apply poison to their weapons, making it a class that centers all of its abilities on offense and damaging.


The Swashbuckler is an offensive melee class and a master of using two weapons, capable of using a weapon in each hand. Though it has less HP and defense compared to the warrior classes, it is considered the best defender among the other weapon-based classes.
The Swashbuckler specialize in attacking using two weapons continuously. Though the class deals lower damage compared to Assassins, it makes up for it with many combos.
Most of its skills focus on attacking multiple enemies at once with area of effect attacks. The class also has a wide range of skills that causes status effects on enemies. When fighting numerous enemies at once, the Swashbuckler can even match the Assassin in dealing damage.


The Bard can only wear leather armor and is limited to using short swords, bows and other light weapons or instruments. However, unlike other weapon-based classes, the Bard has the unique ability to use Song Magic, which allows him/her to tremendously increase his/her allies' combat prowess. In particular, the Bard has support songs that grant continuous buffs until cancelled and that are ranked substantially above an enchanter. There is a great variety of songs in the skill set, each very powerful. However, the Bard's own combat prowess is not very high and doesn't get a lot of credit, resulting in very few players choosing the class. High-level bards learn up to 15 songs. Nonetheless, they can activate 2 of them simultaneously. Since the casting time is very long, a long-term battle strategy must be in placed, making this class very challenging to master.

Healer Classes


As priests who work for the sanctuaries, Clerics have the highest healing skills among the twelve classes. They are capable of equipping plate armor, giving them the highest defense out of all the Healer classes.
The Cleric is a healing specialist, said to cancel out an average of five to ten attacks with all kinds of recovery and healing skills, involving a powerful automatic healing spell that is triggered by an enemy attack.


Pledged to nature and spirits, the Druid is a magic-type Healer, specializing in using Heal over Time spells. Out of the twelve classes, the Druid can produce the greatest HP per second recovery rate by stacking various skills to speed up the healing process.
Aside from healing spells, the Druid has a fair amount of offensive and defensive magic, and is considered the most well-rounded of the healer classes. However, one of the Druid's weaknesses is MP consumption, making them incapable of continuously casting spells in a prolonged period. Thus, a Druid must be very meticulous and keep track of his/her MP.


A spirit medium who talks with spirits and ancient gods. Because they are able to equip Japanese style clothing, male are nicknamed Shinto Priests and the females Miko. The Kannagi's healing style revolves around "Damage Interception." Rather than healing damage after its done, it prevents damage from being taken in the first place. A barrier placed on a target can completely nullify a predetermined amount of damage.
The class's weaknesses are its unique style, which takes a lot of skill to use, and its weak heals. Compared to the other healer classes, the Kannagi has the weakest heals as it focuses on damage prevention. This makes it difficult for it to make a comeback in a losing fight.

Mage Classes


Specializing in tapping into the power of the elements for fierce and powerful spells, the Sorcerer has the highest magical damage out of the twelve classes and is essentially the magic counterpart of the Assassin's physical damage per second. Utilizing the different attributes of offensive magic, the Sorcerer has a richer variety of Area of Effect damaging spells compared to weapon-based classes, making it an extremely versatile class. However, the class suffer from low HP and defense and can easily die in a few seconds if attacked.


Summoners have the magic that allow them to summon mystical beasts or spirits to fight in its place. There are over 100 different types of creatures that can be summoned. However, in order to prevent the class from being almighty and omnipotent, the number of summoned creatures that a Summoner can summon at a moment in time has been limited to twelve. Some high-level summon beasts may only be contracted at a special location after completing a specific quest.
Summoners themselves have extremely low HP and defense stats. However, their is a great variety of summoned creatures, giving the Summoner the option to focus on offense, healing, support and all kinds of different roles in a party. This gives the class the most options to choose from, making it an extremely popular class among players.


Among the twelve classes, Enchanter has the highest MP stat. However, its offensive damage in terms of both spells and melee are extremely low, making it inherently a support type. Combat prowess is very low. Playing a solo enchanter only result in disasters, making it least popular class.
Special characteristic are low MP consumption and supporting, which makes the Enchanter a class that can stay in combat for a long periods of time. Another advantage of the Enchanter is its rich repertoire of spells ranging from buffs that raises the combat prowess of party members to spells that add status effects to enemies, making it an extremely versatile class.
However, due to Enchanter extremely low offensive and defensive capabilities, it is nearly impossible for an Enchanter to finish a fight.


Production Sub Class


Role-Playing Sub Class

Animal Trainer
Dairy Farmer
Feudal Lord
Fortune Teller
Princess Rosegarden
Undead Hunter
War Priest



This is the race similar to us in the real world. Skin colors, hairstyles and eye colors come with a variety of choice. This race has good balance in ability stats, making them the most common choice within “Elder Tale.”


A long-lived race that is found among forests and ancient ruins around the world. This race excels in Archery and have an advantage in terms of will power related stats. They are characterized physically by their long and pointy ears.


Well known to be the workforce in the mountains and underground mines, Dwarves are a humanoid race with a strong physical build.


The descendant of the ancient race of Alv, which was destroyed in a past war, they are typically born from a human family due to the intermarriage of these two races in the past. They look almost identical to humans in appearance. The only way to differentiate a Half-Alv is with the strange emblem found on their tongues. They have very high affiliation with ancient magic and ruins. This race seems to receive storyline bonuses when entering dungeons and participate in campaigns of all sorts.


One of the beast-men of good alignment, they have feline-like characteristics. These characteristics give them high stats in dexterity and senses. Physically, they have cat ears and facial fur, but not a tail. Were-cats gained popularity among cat loving fans in “Elder Tale” and some guilds based their theme around this race. In terms of the story setting, all beast-man races are magically created to combat monsters, so sometimes they face discrimination or respect depending on the countries.

Wolf Hair

One of the beast-men of good alignment, they normally look like humans with thick and heavy hair. Through intense combat or bleeding, they may call forth their wolf-like characteristics during combat, receiving major boosts in strength and footing, and gaining golden eyes, wolf ears and phantom tail. Wolf Hair gained popularity among dog loving fans in “Elder Tale” and some guilds based their theme around this race. In terms of the story setting, all beast-man races are magically created to combat monsters, so sometimes they face discrimination or respect depending on the countries.

Fox Tail

One of the beast-men of good alignment, but instead of physical enhancement, they excel in magic. However, they have very extreme stats combination in terms of ability growth, and are penalized by “randomly losing a skill/technique/spell from their main class skill list when leveling.” Those characteristics make players of this race a rare sight to be seen. Physically, they have fox ears and phantom tails (the number of tails is dependant on the character’s level), both can be hidden from sight by the innate power of the Fox Tail race.

Race of Ritual

A race that is shrouded in mystery. It is known for high magical power and immense amounts of knowledge. They have many tattoo-like emblems and patterns on their body called “Rune.” Because their HP growth is bizarrely low, almost no players chooses this race among all servers around the world.
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For Rudy we can add the sub class of "Adventurer".

For season 2, we can add the sub-class in Clan Kunie (half-Alv) as "Predecessor".
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