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Group Cards.
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24 / F / † βĿдĊk θЯĐЄЯ †
Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/4/08

2 Tomoyo-Chan or Esther-chan

3 Allen walker from D. Gray-Man

4 Vampire clan

5 ... I like to draw?

6 drawing, anime, manga, more anime, more manga...

7 someone added me, and this group is totally kewl.

8 the pictures and the groups... ^.^
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F / in la la lake
Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/5/08
>>As group members of th mystical community, u need 2 make ur group cards 4 th group.....this all u need 2 fill out th group card:
>>1 spiralhostkona
>>2 kona
>>3 skip beat
>>4 Society of Element Users
>>5 nothing
>>6 the arts
>>7 It looked cool
>>8 don't know
>>i also want to join the Dark Angel Group,Vampirian Clan ,and Mystic Council
>>Make sure tht u add ur group card in th forum "group card"
Temptress of Magic
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28 / F / someplace high . . .
Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
1 arikabella

2 Suzanne

3 to many

4 the Hybrids

5 U will know when u get to know me . . . . . .

6 playing violin . . . painting and reading . . .

7 I found this group and I know I must join . . .

8 I juz LOVE this group . . . . . . . everything is nice here ~
The Subjugator
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27 / M / Florida, United S...
Posted 2/13/08 , edited 2/13/08
1 dethreaper666 (dratheus in real life)

2 Dante, irl im known as deth (i know there is suposed to be no "a")

3 anime = death note but favorite char is dante from DMC

4 um alot ... this one ... eh just look on my groups thing =P

5 I drink blood (no really i mean it)

6 kick boxing (mixed martial arts), music, and video games

7 looked cool

8 the diversity and very social and up to date
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25 / M / Denmark, Rønde
Posted 2/22/08 , edited 2/22/08
1 username: ShamanMarco

2 nickname: Choji (Because my classmates thinks I look like him, since I'm chubby, but what the heck... Chubby rules!!! )

3 fav anime or fav character: One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy

4 group you belong to: I belong to many groups, and I don't think I wanna put them inhere, since it would take all day... I only have a half an hour back...

5 interesting fact about yourself: I like to read mangas, and fantasy books, and I also like to draw(But I'm not good at it...) and then I like to be on CR, because CR rocks!!!

6 hobbies: Well, it's like number 5.

7 reason your here (with the group): I got invited by someone, and I thought it was a cool group, but I kinda made a similar group, but no one enters it...

8 what you like about the group so far: Well, it has clans, and so on... And the pics are pretty cool too!! And the members looks like nice fellas, so I accepted the invite. It's a pretty cool group, and I'm glad that I entered it
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08
1) Hirata88

2) Varinthius

3) To many anime i like..

4) God/Goddesses group

5) They called me 'chubby' with glasses (not that really nerd) :)

6) Like to read books (interested in history & fantasy books), like comics (sure Manga duh), surfing internet and playing PS2..

7) Because i'm joining this group : interested in God/ Goddesses group, can make a "fantasized divine character'

8) At the first start i joined in this group, i'm not sure how good was in this group (because i just started join..)

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