Features I'd like to see with the Manga app

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Posted 11/19/13 , edited 11/20/13
1. The ability to read Artist Alley content, as well.

2. Some indicator of last-read, have-read.

3. Some ability to jump to the last-read page of a chapter.

4. Screenshots. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note. It has all kinds of awesome features that are all completely disabled for the Manga app because they rely on being able to take a screenshot. I don't know how the DRM works, but maybe you can allow a # of screenshots per week or something before kicking it on? Or, I justed tested this: screenshots work just fine on a computer, which is also much more convenient for the kind of people you'd want to use DRM against... so just maybe disable it altogether and let me draw horns on characters in peace?

5. Compatibility with Samsung's multi-window feature. According to this guide, all you need to do is add some info to the AndroidManifest.xml: http://www.modaco.com/page/news/_/android/developers-add-support-for-samsung-multi-window-to-your-apps-r823. It's nice, on a bus ride to a new location, to have 20% of the screen taken up by the Google Maps app.

6. Saved credentials. Or at least, when my credentials time out, immediately ask me to log back in instead of requiring me to back out of the app first.

Otherwise, the app's awesome and you're awesome.
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Posted 11/25/13 , edited 11/25/13

Will pass this all along to the Design teams.
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