random idea #1 : vagrant wanderer rei
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Posted 11/19/13 , edited 11/20/13
rei: miss! hello!?
inn keeper: oh! i'm sorry. i must have been day dreaming. its been months since I've had any travelers, your the first to travel this far north in ages!
rei: oh? whats been going on?
inn keeper: the amount of crime up here has risen up here. many people are afraid to make the trek through the forest.
rei: hasn't the ministry sent more patrols through here these days?
inn keeper: yo may have heard that, but I've seen them, afraid to leave their camps. pansies! the lot of 'em if you ask me.
rei: i see... how about i go investigate for you!
inn keeper: what!? you don't have too, honestly!
rei: no, i should, it's my only way to repay you for letting me stay here, especially with out paying you.
inn keeper: well, if you insist, i still think its a bad idea, but its mighty kind of you, with that said, i should help as most as possible, ill give you money for weapons and such. its the least i can do.
rei: no way! i couldn't do that!
inn keeper: no no, you need it, i would feel horrible if you went in there unprepared.
rei: ... thank you... you won't be sorry!
inn keeper: head over to lias's shop, across the road.
rei: thanks again!

rei: hellooo! is anybody in... here
lias: well hello little lady! what might i do for you today!?
rei: [am i really little?] oh! well i need some equipment to head out into the woods.
lias: the woods? you got some sort of assignment? you with the royal guard?
rei: wha- ? no no, i offered to investigate the rise in crime in the forest.
lias: what? geez man, you kids these days... so proactive... maybe i am old.
rei: hmm? what do you mean?
lias: another guy came in yesterday, told me the same damned thing!
rei: where is he now!?
lias: whoa whoa, now cam down lady, he couldn't have gotten far, he had a set of daggers, and a backpack. somethin' tells me he was on his last leg.
rei: was he hurt?
lias: naw, not hurt, but.. he didn't have much on him as far as supplies, but he had cash! boy was he loaded!
thought he was noblemen blood for a second, could have fooled me!
rei: what did he look like?
lias: tall fellow, had those fancy-shmancy cat ears too, long-ish hair, and he bought him self a cloak.
that's about it.
rei: ... did he say his name?
lias: did he? ... he said somethin' bout' a... shizuka.. er... yeah! he called him shizuka!
rei: thank you so much.
lias: no problem little lady, need anything else? we cant talk all day ya know.
rei: AH! i need a new sword, this one seems to be out of commission.
lias: well shit! what were you doin' with this? cuttin' trees?
rei: iv'e been traveling for months, its been fine. i swear i don't know what happened.
lias: i'll tell you what, you give me this, ill give you a new one of the same maker for the price you paid.
so how much was this anyhow?
rei: 300,000 cel
lias: WHAT?
rei: i got it for free, i was asked to assist Mako-sensei to a forum in the capital, he gave me this in return!
lias: how long have you had this?
rei: 6 ... 7 years?
lias: sweet heavens... iv'e heard it all... just take any sword you want and go... i need a drink.
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