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Posted 11/20/13 , edited 11/20/13
Have only tried it as ad-supported on PC fyi.

Reader is extremely basic, but as a start, it's not bad. The other thread talks more at length about improvements, so I'll leave that to them. It at least loads rather quickly, as compared to say, the reader used on NicoNico Seiga. Loading Comic Rex on there takes a solid minute or more.

Image quality could stand to be a bit better. Since you get digital source from Kadokawa, the one really nice thing is the screentones are nice and crisp, so using compressed JPG Q75 is kinda disappointing. IMHO you should take a note from scanlators and use B/W PNG with 32-64 optimized colors to keep filesize down.

The ads I find very obnoxious though. Targeted video ads with audio at all are obnoxious, but then it defaults to very loud and apparently is opt-out rather than opt-in for the tracking, expects me to go visit their site to opt-out etc... I'd rather just block them then, or not use the service at all.

Then as a suggestion: Are there plans to repackage these series for sale at full quality as eBooks? It seems rather silly to have them all translated at the same time as Japan, but then still have to wait for print copies far behind the Japan releases. Flipping to the TOC of Vol9 of Yamada and the 7 Witches for example, it goes through Ch76, so hopefully in the near future we'll have eBook sales for volumes concurrent with Japan as well?

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