Trickster Online is Back in action!
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Posted 11/20/13 , edited 11/20/13

There's a game called Trickster online which is a free to play Mmorpg game made by ntreev and that some of us loved to play.
This game came to an unfortunate end and had to close down in febuary 2013 :(.

But Today i had some kind of luck and searched for it again and found this Private server that a few awesome people started!
The site is called PlayTrickster.
So get on it and create an account and start playing!

Add me ingame if you start playing.
IGN: Troxnic

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Posted 11/20/13 , edited 11/20/13
Eehh...Trickster wasn't all that great. Too much grinding. Also, aren't pservers illegal? :/
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Posted 11/23/13 , edited 11/23/13
No, they aren't. Whoever owns Trickster can go after the hosts of the server and get it shut down for not possessing the franchise but that would be unlikely to happen given official Tricksters current state.

Honestly I didn't know this existed since last I read anything of Trickster was it's shutdown. I thought the game was cute and I need something to hold me over until Aura Kingdom hits. I'll probably check this out. Thanks!
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