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Posted 11/21/13 , edited 11/21/13
Most people who is participating in the RP will sometime have to consider the idea of money or gold. Currently as the episode progresses, there was a simple way to track the possible money drop and how strong the spending power of these little gold coins can do. Given by the introduction of the seventh episode, a normal tasteless meal is roughly around 5 gold coins while a cheap inn is around 10 gold coins. 35 gold coins according to our master strategist can sustain a character's one day needs. You can earn roughly 35 gold coins by defeating 6 goblins, which by the look of these, even low level can defeat them if being careful.

Now bear with me to do some simple math and don't exit the page out. If we consider each goblin will drop around 5 to 6 gold, math being 35 divided by 6 goblin will result in between 5 to 6, and if a low level character can defeat them by being careful, then it is safe to assume that each individual character should theoretically be sustainable in the game by defeating monsters.

Then as a normal RPG, it is very possible that the monsters will drop items in addition to the money drops. Thus it is again safe to say that generally most character will have extra money to spend.

We have yet to encounter the prices of other items, but since the total cost of one day's need is 35 and 10 is from inn while if you eat three meals a day, then 15 from food, you are left with 10 more gold. (35-10-15 = 10) Generally speaking in RPG, potion is a necessity so I can only assume those 10 gold are serve for replenishing items that are used during fighting monsters. Of course there are a lot of assumptions here since I don't really know the drop rate of other monsters. For instance, the Briar Weasels in the first episode which is level 28 drop only around 4-5 per death. While a triffid, the flower monster, drop around 8-9 gold coins in the first and second episode.

It is also important to note that 5 million gold in Elder Tale is a big amount of money while guild like Crescent Moon, which is actually rather small with 20ish members, has only 60 thousand fluid funds for usage.

Unless there is more data, I cannot calculate the possible prices of other items such as armors or weapons, ingredient or miscellaneous. I will continue to update this information to help the people to understand the world of Elder Tale more as new episodes come out.

Anyone who read the novel that has information in regard to currency or economy please post here so I may edit for future reference.
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Posted 10/10/14 , edited 10/10/14
I'm posting this since Season 2 has started. First off, I think Shiroe's math was wrong, the basic amount of gold was 25 per day (cheap inn, 3 meals= 15 gold). With the 2nd season now starting, we have found out that clearing a dungeon will get you 2-300 gold pieces (GP)- I'm an old school RPG player, no computers, all books, paper, dice, imagination.
The interesting theory is that the money has to come from "somewhere" first. Hence the raid at the bottom of that massive labyrinth in season 1. It's tied to the Kunie clan (which has teleportation magic & control over the Royal Guards & ultimately, "adventurer" cities) who doesn't want people interfering per their "ancient" treaty, whatever that is.
I'd like to know how Shiroe figured out how he needed 70 trillion gold, is this for a long term (decades?) "maintenance upkeep" for Akihabara?
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