Log horizon is truely a marvel.

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Posted 11/21/13 , edited 11/21/13
I cant believe this anime just snuck up on me. Its absolutely what I was waiting for, SAO was good but it was more Will power over reality, and this anime is more true to nature MMO. I Love it and its truly awesome. I was shocked there was no forum posts so I'll gladly be the first. Thank you for reading and I cant wait to talk to other fans.
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Posted 11/23/13 , edited 11/23/13
True.. It did snuck on people..!!!

The story line is nice.. i hope the coming raids will be a good effort..
Tea Party -> Log Horizon..

I cant wait for it to grow..!
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Posted 1/19/14 , edited 1/20/14
Oh yeah, it's really good. I found it the other day and already burned through 10 episodes.


Nyanta is hilarious, he always meows at the right moment, lmao.

All the players seem to be copies of their former-selves. War with the PotL will be very interesting. Where will the Hero PotL come from? Will they end up fighting an army of the PotL? More importantly, can you have sex with other players or with PotL?

Funny how everybody is posting in the wrong forum.

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Posted 1/20/14 , edited 1/20/14
Just watched the first episode of this and the first of Sword Art online. Quite similar scenario but they both take it in different directions, not sure which one I prefer yet.
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Posted 2/28/14 , edited 2/28/14
How will we know if the show is expanded past 26 episodes?
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