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♪ The Hostel ♫

Once you move into the High School, you will be staying in the hostel. You have the right to choose your room. And one room only can have max of 3 people staying inside. Choose carefully. Once decided which room you want to have. Just write on the wall your name and the room you want to have.

Name: Mike
Room wanted: 2nd floor, Room A.

➊ Floor

➋ Floor

➌ Floor

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Mao just came into the hostel and went to find his room and dropped his stop there onto the bed of his choosing and came out of his room to find here the baths were and went in, pleased to see that it was wide, and took his clothes off and hopped into one of the huge baths finally feeling alive from the long trip. The baths were empty but to be extra cautious he checked again to see if anyone was there, seeing no one he comfortably changed his human legs into his mermaid tail * That's much better ^_^ * he thought and playfully splashed his tail, and casually spent his time in the bath
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