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Am I the only one? (PS4)
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Posted 11/23/13 , edited 11/23/13

InfiniteRegress wrote:

Yes, the launch titles were disappointing - especially the exclusives. On the other hand, I bought Lego Marvel Superheroes (which I only got because not many of the launch games appealed to me) and it's fantastic. Hardly next-gen though. I think Resogun was the best PS4 exclusive release.
As someone commented, with the system not releasing until February in Japan, you probably won't see the major Japanese developers releasing stuff until then. Hopefully, games like Yakuza Ishin might get a Western release, if not from SEGA then perhaps from Sony, as they've been hinting as much for the past few days.
Also, if you like JRPGs, keep an eye on the Persona website on Sunday. There's meant to be a big announcement then, possibly Persona 5 or Persona 4 part 2, and although we don't know what system it will release on, it's possible that it could be a PS4 title. :)

That sounds great!
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