Looking for New Place to Live and Roommate!~
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Posted 11/22/13 , edited 11/23/13
[[This pertains to anyone who lives in the United States only.]]

(I understand that this topic is most likely completely inappropriate for this website, and I sincerely apologize.)

So, I'm in quite a situation right now. To keep things as short as possible (I'll gladly tell anyone the full story if they wish to know), my parents divorced when I was 15. I was living with my mom. She had her leg amputated due to diabetes, and gave up on her life. I went to live with my dad this January. He died of a stroke this summer. I went to live with my online best friend in Alabama last month. Due to circumstances, I had to suddenly leave on the 20th of this month. On my way back to my dad's old house (I was going to stay as long as the bank hadn't repossessed it yet, until I found another place to go), my car engine blows and the whole car burns down to the ground. The wrecker drops me off at a hotel and I pay to stay for a week. That's where I am now. My online friend who lives 150 miles away is going to get me on Wednesday, and take me to my bank and a car dealership so I can buy a new (used) car. Then I'll stay at another hotel until I decide where to go.. and that's why I'm posting on this thread. I'd like to move to a new place, and have a roommate. Here are some more details~

-I'm 18 years old, and a female.
-My race is White/Caucasian.
-I graduated from high school this year, and desire to start community college wherever I will be ending up.
-I had a part-time job while living with my dad for 4 months. I won't need a job for many years, so finding work will not be a problem until I'm done with college.
-My source of money is my dad's life insurance I inherited this week. It is an amount that can pay cash for a used car, community college, and years of living in an apartment (or buy a small house, and pay for years of living in it) by itself.
-I'm currently in Texas.
-I like to cook, and I'm not a vegetarian.
-I am happy to share my possessions, as long as they don't get abused.
-I'm chubby and would like to work on losing weight, mainly through exercise and a normal diet.
-I'm very easygoing and accepting of many things.
-I have a wide variety of interests, and love trying all sorts of new things.
-I love going places and doing things. I'm up to hanging out most any time~
-I love all animals, and fish. I'm not fond of reptiles, but I can deal with them.
-I'm generally a giving and helpful person, but know when I'm being taken advantage of.

Details on what I'm looking for in a place to live~

-Distance from Texas does not matter. I'm perfectly happy to drive 2,000 miles. I'm very adventurous.. the further, the better, even!~
-I'd rather not live in Texas. (I've lived here all my life.. don't care that much for it.. need change!)
-I'd rather not live in Nevada, or other desert states. (I like grass and trees.)
-I'd rather not live in Arkansas, Louisiana, or Mississippi. (Personal bias.. I may be able to be convinced otherwise, however~)
-I like pretty scenery. (Forest, mountains, hills, near water, etc.)
-It needs to be 20 miles or less from a community college.
-I don't like tiny towns.. Unless there is some redeeming feature to make up for it, I wouldn't prefer to live in a city with a population under 8,000.
-I like to have a wide variety of stores and restaurants. At least one Chinese buffet would be nice!
-As long as it's not a tiny town as stated above, I don't care how big of a town it is.
-I don't want to pay more than $700 a month for my half of the rent alone.
-I would possibly like a house after some time at an apartment (if my roommate and I had gotten along well enough, I would invite them to stay if they wanted to, for half the cost of utilities each month), I'd need to be able to find one at under 50k.

Details on what I'm looking for in a roommate~

-At least 18 years of age, unless you are able to be completely independent.
-No older than 25. (I may be convinced otherwise.. but definitely not over 30.)
-Any gender is fine with me.
-I'd prefer someone who is single, or whom has a lover but is not obnoxious about it.
-Must have a job, and/or a sufficient amount of money to cover half the rent and utilities, plus pay for their own food.
-If a smoker, smoke outside only. I don't want lung cancer.
-I dislike alcohol and drugs.
-Someone who won't constantly bring people over. They will need to tell me who they are having come over, and will need to control them from messing with my stuff if I'm not there.
-Everyone needs space, but I don't want to be distant from a roommate. It's not enjoyable for me to live with someone if we never want to talk or hang out. They need to be open to communication, compromise, and problem-solving.
-I don't like being around people who are "emo" or constantly depressed and void of all emotion.
-Basic confidence is important.
-Strong will and a desire for stability and improvement.
-If you're a pig, please keep those tendencies in your own room only.
-Religion doesn't matter, as long as you don't try and push it on me. I have my own spiritual beliefs.
-I dislike blasting really loud music.

That's pretty much all I ask for. I won't lend you money under normal circumstances, but I will happily help in most all other ways. My About Me section on my profile explains a lot more in-depth about what kind of person I am, so please take a look at it.
I'm a very open person, and am happy to answer any and all questions. I'll even share my life story if you wish!

If you are interested, please send me a message. All replies to this thread will be ignored, troll or not. Beyond what I have posted will need to be discussed in private.

Of course, I believe in talking and meeting in person before actually proceeding with becoming roommates.

It also doesn't have to be the city the person currently lives in.. it can be anywhere they want to go. I'm open to almost anything~

Let me know if interested or if you need further information. ^__^
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Posted 11/22/13 , edited 11/23/13
Send me a pic
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That's quite the list you've got there little lady. I like it. I would help you if I had a spare room, but sadly I can only offer a "good luck". So...good luck.

Also check various online places outside of CR. I know craigslist can be sketchy, but it IS an option. A quick google search also shows that there are some roommate finder/filler sites that may be of use to you.

Good luck (again), and travel well.
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Posted 11/23/13 , edited 11/23/13

It is against the website's policy to make personal threads.
For most questions we have the General Help Thread.

In this case however I would recommend to find another place for this particular issue and I'm afraid CR is not the right place for this seeing an earlier response.
Have you considered asking your local authorities for help?

For now I'm going to have to lock and close this thread.

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