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Character Creation Guide Lines

Note: These are nothing more than guide lines for character creation! And although they should be followed as if they were rules they are NOT the actual rules. Before creating a character, please read each and every rule listed on the front page of the group.

Immortality and everliving Characters- Characters that live forever (But are still mortal) and Characters that are absolutely immortal (Cannot die and heal from any wounds) are not restricted. However, restrictions on creating Immortals characters are much much more than Everliving characters so keep in mind if your character is immortal he should have some pretty big weaknesses to balance it out. If your character has lived for a long time or will end up living for a very long time there should be some reason as to why they have lived for so long.
Perhaps something interesting happened in their past or something interesting that happens in the course of their story, either way, try to keep the amount of characters that you create with long life spans and such, to a minimum. A character who ages at a normal pace can make for a much much more interesting story than other characters who live forever.

Character Picture/Appearance Description

Explanation: A General description of how your character appears in the story, you can use a picture to give a basic idea, and then you can customize it by describing their eyes, hair, body weight, height and other such things differently from the picture.

Abilities/Skills/Attributes/Magical Items and Weapons

Element control:
Basic Elements(Along with there Sister Elements)-

Special attributes (an Example would be something like a very large unusual amount of magical energy or something like great eye sigh. Character are usually born with these).

Special Abilities (Good examples are the abilities to use certain types of magic, or use Chi/Aura and other things).

Acquired abilities- abilities your character learns or acquires
Skill Set (Examples would be stuff like martial arts or trap making or even being able to think up of tactics).

Weapons (Both magical and non-magical).

Magical items(Pendents that create shields and what not).

Weaknesses: (weakness to certain elements, items, herbs, having phobias etc) don't think your weaknesses are absolute. and example would be if your weak against Water and you fight a water user, it doesn't mean you will lose but it does mean your at a disadvantage.

Note: If I feel that your character is laden with too many natural abilities, skills, special abilities and special attributes then i will ask you to rework on your character as it will not be approved. So please, keep in mind if you wish for your character to have a few more special abilities then you must balance it out by cutting back on special attributes, natural abilities and skill sets.
Keep in mind that everything has an equal and opposite reactions (Like backlashes to specific abilities and what not).
Your character should have a good amount of weaknesses to balance themselves out and yes your character WILL have a weakness or two (Unknown, none, or "Mortal" will not be accepted as your characters one and only weaknesses). Get creative. Phobias can be considered weaknesses and of course there is always the elemental table (It can be found above in the spoiler) ans make sure the weakness appears in the story. Having a phobia but not showing your character suffering through it is just unfair

General Information

Explanation: General Information about your character's history and personality and possibly why they have set out on a journey or do what they do, these include his/her likes, dislikes, what type of a person he/she is and his/her goals.

Qualities: Your character's personality traits like Kind, Patient, Rude, Blunt, and ect.

BIO: You can make the bio as long as you want, showing what your character is like and how he.she became the way he/she is and what he/she is planning to do next
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Character Sheet


Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):





Special Abilities:

Skill Sets:

Special Attributes:


Magical Items:






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Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):
Dark Lucid Forest Green Eye's
Light Brown Hair
Slim and Fit

Name:Aventh De'Valen


Age:Roughly 63 (Looks to be around 28)


Special Abilities:
-Enchanting Magic- is able to imbue item's with magical qualities and is also able to analysis other magical items

-Illusion Magic- is able to create simple illusions that can affect the five senses

-Aura Usage- Although Aventh has some ability to use aura the most he can do with it is surround his weapons with a thin layer of aura to slightly empower them

Skill Sets:
-Weapon's Master (The skill to pick up any type of weapon(This can include things like ropes or even rocks) and use it at the level of a master)
An Exceptional Tactician

Special Attributes:
-Due to various happening's Aventh's aging has greatly slowed.

-An extremely intelligent, calm, and fast thinker Aventh was once praised as a masterful strategist and he is also extremely knowledgeable about many thing's and is able to read and speak in many types of languages.

-Various weapons he has made

Magical Items:
-Various weapons, armor, and items he has made


-Due to an injury Aventh suffered in the war roughly 40 year's ago Aventh is unable to produce/collect much mana/magical energy and produce/use much of his aura.

-Due to an injury Aventh suffered in the war roughly 40 years ago Aventh is unable to produce/collect absolutely any Chi, Ki, Chakra or any other type of energy (With the exception of Aura)

-Aventh is at a disadvantage when fighting opponents who are skilled in the usage of any form of energy due to his own weakness at using his Magical energy and aura.

Likes:Old Books, Relaxing on his porch on a clear day or night with a hot cup of tea


Qualities:Nice, Calm, Intelligent, Handsome

Goals:Aventh has a few goals but one goal is to create an extremely powerful enchanted item and leave it behind as a legacy of sorts.

BIO:Aventh, an old veteran of the "Ordan Expedition War" has retired himself to collecting information on various subjects and creating/enchanting weapons that he usually sells to traveling merchants, although Aventh may not look it, back when he was still fighting the war the was praised as the "Demon Strategist" feared by the enemy for both his impenetrable tactics and inhuman fighting skill's.

Near the end of the war though Aventh was badly injured and suffered irreversible damage although he was no longer able to fight on the front fields he still continued on as a commanding officer up until the "Titan's Orb Incident" Occurred. Aventh along with a small company of men when scouting out a cave stumbled upon some old ruin's and within those ruins they had accidentally activated an ancient device, the device, old, quickly malfunctioned and exploded releasing a tremendous amount of energy into the cave Aventh was the only one to survive.

After returning to Madidus from the War Aventh soon figured out that the side affect of being exposed to such a tremendous amount of energy greatly slowed his aging and also allowed him to collect/produce a very limited amount of mana/magical energy and retain some use over his Aura.
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" Asuna "

Username: NekoLovah
Name: Yuuki Asuna
Race: Water Tribe Elf
Age: Looks about 18 but is 36 in actuality
Sex: Female
Appearance:Asuna takes the form of a human with pointy ears. She has long blue hair and blue eyes, inherited from her mother. The young girl is 160 cms (5'2") tall with an average body. Because she usually keeps her hair down, her ears are hidden.
Qualities/Personality: Kind, helpful, serious, protective, and is not afraid to act out on her own and will take matters in her own hands from time to time. Kind of a Tsundere.
Special Abilities:
    *Water and Ice Magic: The ability to bring forth the power of the water and ice elemental magic to create and manipulate water and ice skills from one's surroundings.
    *Herbalism and Healing Magic: The usage of herbs and other sources from nature to create medicine and other types of helpful "potions". Also consists of some sort of healing magic.
    *With the One-Handed Rapier
      -<Linear>: the dashing forward to strike her target with the rapier. The move can be used one after the other.
      -<Star Splash>: this skill consists of a combination of 6 <Linear> thrusts and 2 slashes at the target. The first 3 <Linear> thrusts are aimed fro the chest. Then 2 slashes on the unprotected legs and afterwards, 3 <Linear> jabs anywhere between the upper and lower sections of the body (excluding arms, legs and the head).

Skill Sets: Medicine/Herb expert, Great Cook, Good reflexes and stamina (due to traveling through the mountains, creeks and valleys)
Special Attributes:
    *Whispers of the Wind {passive}: A skill passed on from generation to generation within her elf tribe. It is the blessing of nature that enhances the movement speed of the user through the usage of the wind. A small vortex of wind (usually harmless) will surround the person when used. It can be used at any time: to escape, to reach a destination, to help someone, etc. However, this skill can be confiscated by the elders of the tribe if it has been misused in any form.
    *Blessings of the Nature {passive}: Another skill that has been passed from generation to generation within Asuna's elf tribe. It is a skill that allows the user to communicate with fauna and flora that live on the planet. Even though the majority of the elves in the tribe focus on either plants or animals, there are a few who are able communicate to both species. Out of these few, Asuna was blessed to be able to use this skill at its utmost potential. This skill can be enhanced through practice and be lost due to the lack of usage of it.

Weapon(s): A one-handed rapier called «Lambent Light», and a small pocket knife
Magical Weapon(s): A wand that allows her to bring forth the power of her element. Does not necessarily need it but is useful when there is no source of water available in the area.
    *Weak against Wind/Lightning Magic Attacks
    *Asuna is at a disadvantage against a ranged attacker
    *She tries to help and heal anyone, friend or foe.
    *She is clumsy. Asuna will most likely trip on rocks (or even her own foot), slip on leaves or on other objects.
    *Harming nature. She cannot stand to watch the plants and animals being hurt.
    *When emotional, she tends to do many things without thinking, rushing headfirst into situations and getting herself hurt in the process.

Likes: Being surrounded by nature, helping others, music (singing/humming), cooking, nature!
Dislikes: Fighting, conflicts, wind/electricity, those who harm the weak, those who harm nature for fun
Goals: Mastering the healing magic and medicine knowledge by also incorporating water magic.
Biography: Asuna grew up in a small town of elves outside of the main Elf city. Her town mainly consisted of small families that lived in harmony with nature, especially the water. Her people were a group of elves closer to water and ice elements than the other tribes. Yes the people could use other elements, but to most, the element of water was the strongest. Residents are not required a magical weapon to manifest the magic. However, many do use the assistance of one to increase their accuracy in controlling the magic and power of the element. This was also true for Asuna. As a child, she grew up loving the water. She would swim anywhere: river, ocean, and lake. It was as if the two were inseparable.

Asuna learned to use magic at the age of six and then proceeded to learn healing magic at the age of 10. Swordsmanship and martial arts are encouraged by the adults so that children could also defend themselves. While learning magic in school, Asuna learned swordsmanship from her father. For her 16th birthday, her parents gave her the one-handed rapier called «Lambent Light» to be her partner along with a wand for magic. Furthermore, her 16th birthday gave her a need for adventure or for a different setting.
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Character Sheet


Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):
hair: very long white, fading to dark pink on the ends
eyes: pink color
height: 5'4''

Name: Lilysis Mistiki

Race: Artificial Human

Age: looks about 20

Sex: female

Special Abilities:
Aerokinesis - ability to create, shape and manipulate air ( or atmospheric gases)
-Aerokinetic Constructs- ability to create objects out of air particles
- create air blades or Razor Wind
Skill Sets:

Special Attributes:
She is able to quickly adept to her surroundings,
Photographic memory

various but she tends to use a curved dagger

Magical Items: Her amulet

Her amulet is the source of her power and the control of it, without it she would not be able to use her abilities very well
Through her body is artificial, she is still a mortal
She can not understand emotions very well

Likes: wind, air, creating stuff, friendly people, magic, mystery etc

Dislikes: clowns, fighting, monsters, meaningless tasks, etc

Qualities: friendly, very smart, can be distant and emotionless at times as well

Goals: Doesn't have one right now

BIO: She was born as a human once but her body was weak so when she was around ten she fell sick and was bedridden for months. Her father of course called many doctors but no one could tell what was wrong. A witch had heard about the situation and came to check on the girl. She told him that she only had a few hours left. Devastated he begged the witch to help. She agreed to the request and used a spell to preserve her soul into an amulet, and gave it to him saying that when a vassal is found, put the amulet on her neck. He nodded and quickly set to work researching on it. It took him about five years to come up with the formulas and vessel but finally he got her finished.
He put the amulet on her and two auras appeared around the vessel, one being a light reddish color meaning the girl’s soul which went directly inside the vassal. The other aura, a dark purple formed the witch’s face and spoke that she her payment would be living with Lilysis, then aura disappeared inside her. A few moments later she wokeup.
It didn’t take her too long to adjust to her new body, because of the witch’s soul being inside her. She caught up on her lessons she missed on quickly and even began practicing magic only a few years later. She also started training on how to use a few weapons.
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Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):
Lucid green eye's
Reddish brown hair
Slim and beautiful
around 5'9"


Race:Wind Tribe



Special Abilities:
-Wind/Lighting Magic- The ability to cast spells from the Wind/Lighting branch of elemental magic

-Wind Sage Magic- The ability to use and cast Wind/Lighting Wind Sage spells

-Piercing- Wind Tribe members who have trained in both Wind Sage Magic and Wind Sage Bow Techniques are able to enhance there arrows piercing power allowing there arrow's to rip through the toughest of defenses magical or none-magical.

-Wind Sage Bow Techniques (Requires Wind Sage Magic and training in Wind Sage Bow arts)

-“Wind's Presence”(Active)- This ability allows the user to either completely erase any trace of there presence or to amplify there presence to much greater than what it actually is. The ability's effectiveness increases the stronger one becomes with the wind sages teachings (The stronger one becomes in using there wind/lighting Chi and/or Magic).

Skill Sets:
-Wind Sage Bow Techniques
-Wind Sage Bow Art's

Special Attributes:
-“Calm Breeze”(Passive)- This ability allows the user to keep his/her calmness and concentration at a near meditative state even in the midst of the most heated battle field. The ability's effectiveness increases the stronger one becomes with the wind sages teachings (The stronger one becomes in using there wind/lighting Chi and/or Magic).

-"Lightning's Mind"(Passive)- This ability grants the user the ability to cast his/her Wind/Lighting spells at a much faster speed than normal and also allows the casting of multiple spells at an accelerated pace. Also this ability increases the user's agility, eye sight, and thought processing speed but unlike "Lighting's speed" does not increase the user's physical speed.The ability's effectiveness increases the stronger one becomes with the wind sages teachings (The stronger one becomes in using there wind/lighting Chi and/or Magic).

Bow and Arrow's (Picture)

Magical Items:
A bow and Arrow's Aventh forged.
The bow allows her to easily and smoothly transfer her magic to her arrow's
while the Arrows hold a simple sharpness enchantment


-Any type of fire based attacks (or Defense)

-Is at a disadvantage in close range combat

-Is at a disadvantage in close quarters (Inside a building, cave, or on a boat)

-Although able to pierce through almost any defense the stronger the defense (Especially fire based defenses) the more time, concentration, and energy a Wind Sage Bow user will need to prepare his/her arrow's to pierce the defense.

-Cute things (They can be very distracting for her)

Likes:Light breezes, sunny days, Cute things, CUTE THINGS!

Dislikes:The rain, boats

Qualities:Friendly, Tomboyish, Tough, Others say she can be a bit bossy (Just not in front of her)

Goals:Currently she has none

BIO:Yua was a child of the wind tribe and praised as a prodigy when it came to the sages magic's and bow arts and just like most wind tribe children she too was trained from a very early age and graduated at the early age of 17 (Average age of graduation is 20) becoming a fully fledged Wind Sage. Usually once one graduates she/he is free to set off on a journey into the world. Yua though, due to graduating at such a young age decided she would stay within the village for another year before finally setting off on her journey. She is now travelling the world going where the wind's may take her.
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Awaiting Approval

Alasdair O'Donner

Under Construction

Kliment Pasternak

Karel Raske

Already Approved

Eli White

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My Character Sheet
Posted 11/29/13 , edited 11/29/13

Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.): Bellixia is usually seen wearing a knee length white cloak with a droopy hood, red patterns embroider'd into the edges of her sleeves and dress bottom, along with long black stockings and brown shoes to tie her outfit together. Her hair is a chestnut blond that is usually worn in two short braids down her shoulders that frame her face, highlighting her soft features. Eyes are a dark brown that look almost purple if the light hits them just right. She stands at around 5'4 height with a slender body, nothing too special about her looks.

Name: Bellixia Voe

Race: Human

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Special Abilities:
Terrakinesis- The ability to control earth and wood at her command.
Terramorphing - The ability to morph stone into whatever she may need at the moment.
Terrascensory- The ability to locate or see what is happening from the vibrations in the ground.
(Still learning)

Skill Sets:
Earth Prison, Vinal trap, Terramorphing

Special Attributes:
-She is a young girl with a great amout of knowledge, she has photographic memory so she it's like she has a library in her mind.
-Fast learner

Only weapons she has are the ones she morphs with her earth powers.

Magical Items:
Walking staff, used to focus her power from her hands down to the ground beneath her feet.

-Not always great a close up combat
-Still naive about how her powers work
-Weak against opposite element (I don't know what it is ^^"")
-Has a hard time predicting peoples moves

-Reading, walking around aimlessly, visiting new places

-Staying in one place for too long, loud noises

Kind, sweet, confident, never backs down from a fight, stronger than looks, can disapprove easily.

Finding her sister who will help her finish her training. Which is easier said then done.

Bellixia Voe was an orphan like many others in the grand city of Midgard, she lived on the streets with her sister who was 10 years older than her and who had been taught by their deceased parents. While on the streets her sister taught her as much as she could about her abilities at the age of 4, unfortunately it wasnt enough to keep slave trade from getting to them. Bell was taken in while her sister managed to get away. Bell could only watch from a distance as her sister ran down the foggy streets, not looking back once. She couldn't blame her. Even at her age she knew it was a survival of the fittest, if you can fight you fight only for yourself. Years went by and Bell found the means to escape with the help of a mage. He gave her a cloak a the staff, but no direction. It was obvious her sister was not in the city, now all she had to do was find her.
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Image Description: He has reddish brown hair, and light brown eyes that can appear yellowish at times. He stands around six feet tall in his human form. When he goes wolf, he stands a little over eight feet tall, and his eyes go completely yellow. If he goes halfway, his eyes go yellow and his beard gets a bit unruly, but there is no other changes.

Name: Ulrick Lyall the Faolan.

Race: Werewolf.

Age: 35.

Sex: Male.

Special Abilities:

Senses of the Hunter - His senses are sharpened to match that of a dog's, or rather, of a wolf's. His sense of smell, hearing, and sight is just as good as man's best friend, and he can see in the darkness as well as a wolf can.

Inhuman Strength - While he is a rather big and muscular man, he is much stronger than those who are even bulkier than him. He can crack stones with his grip strength.

Transformation, Partial and Full. He can turn into a wolfman when in battle, but this form is very weak to silver. He can go sort of 'half-way' at times, granting him some of a werewolf's speed, ferocity, and strength but not all of it, yet still allowing him to maintain some control. When he goes all the way, his sense of mercy is dulled and his blood lust enraged, making him unable to control it. He might kill innocents if he goes all the way.

Skill Sets:

Tracking. His skill as a hunter and tracker is unparalleled, and he very rarely looses track of his prey once he has gotten a whiff of their scent.

Hand to Hand. He is a skilled user of hand to hand combat. He doesn't practice any one style of martial arts, and instead blends a variety of them to use. While he can't use the techniques of a master's level in any one martial art, he can employ several lesser techniques that they teach.

Archery. While he is by no means a master of the bow, his past as a hunter has given him enough skill with the bow to hit his targets more often than not.

Awareness. Given his senses, he is very hard to hide from if you are in his proximity. This extends to even traps near him. They have to be very well hidden to escape his senses.

Special Attributes:

Accelerated Regeneration - His wolf blood allows him to heal much faster than other people. Small wounds can vanish quickly, and even broken bones can mend after a little while. Fatal wounds to humans won't necessarily kill him, but they will slow him down while they heal.

Weapons: His skill with his fists ensures that he needs no weapons, but his sharp claws when a wolf can be counted as deadly weapons.

Magical Items: Ever-lit Cigarette. He keeps a cigarette with him that never burns down to nothing, allowing him to smoke it as long as he likes. It lights when the user wills it to. It has no real use as a weapon in combat, but he likes it a lot. Aside from his cigarette, he has a gold band that wears around his neck on a gold chain, hidden by his clothing. While it doesn't possess any magic, it does hold a lot of sentiment.

Weaknesses: Silver. While impure silver that has been mixed with other metals and minerals is useable by him, pure silver or almost pure silver will burn him if he comes into contact with it. Silver inflicted wounds do still heal quicker than a normal person would heal from, but at a drastically lower speed than wounds inflicted by other things. Aside from that, silver saps his strength. Just holding it in his hand wouldn't kill him, but he would become sluggish and weak.

Another weakness he has is fire. It is by no means as deadly to him as silver would be, but it stops his regeneration ability in its tracks.

While not really a weakness, a fear he has is being decapitated, since he knows that he couldn't heal from that either.

In addition to decapitation, he is constantly afraid of transforming all the way and going 'wild,' as he calls it. This means becoming fully a wolf, forgetting that he was once human and killing as he pleases.

Likes: Sweets, smoking, drinking, and silence.

Dislikes: Loud noises, strong and overbearing smells such as perfume, and cruelty to animals.

Qualities: He can be blunt at times, but he isn't awkward enough when it comes to social situations to not know when to be quiet. He broods a lot, especially when alone, and can be very contemplative. He is rather serious, but will make jokes and comments to ease the seriousness of a situation. When it comes to fighting, he will be cruel and brutal to end a fight quick and prevent further damage to other people. He has a strong sense of justice, and especially won't leave a distressed damsel alone.

Goals: Finding a cure for his Lycanthropy and then settling down, preferably with a wife.

BIO: Ulrick was born and raised in a mountain village where it constantly snowed, the son of a hunter. He took to his trade at a young age, learning how to hunt and skin animals from his father. When his father passed during his twentieth winter, Ulrick became the village's best hunter.

Ulrick took a fancy to a barmaid at the village's only tavern when he turned twenty three. She returned his affections, and the two fell in love shortly after. He planned to make her his wife and live the rest of his days in his village, before he too one day passed on like his father, and his father's father before him. He saved up enough to buy a ring when he was twenty five, and he planned to propose to his love the day after he bought it. The day after he bought it was also the same day a werewolf had entered his village and killed several villagers, including his love.

Enraged and distraught, Ulric hunted the beast after it fled the village's wrath. He tracked it through the mountains and the snow, constantly pursuing it. He came head to head with it several times before the beast finally managed to bite him, fleeing before he could retaliate. He spent several days in the snow, his body suffering from the agony of it's transformation before he finally became a werewolf.

The first thing he did was hunt down his corrupter, overpowering the older wolf with the rage and fury that the newborns go through, tearing out his throat with his jaw. Ulric shredded the body past any use, and threw the head of the wolf into a frozen lake.. He started traveling after this, knowing himself unable to return home.
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Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):'
Blue Eye's
Dark Blue Hair





Special Abilities:
Extremely Strong and Tough (Unnaturally strong and tough)
Aura Techniques- Is able to use and manipulate Aura in many different ways
Aura Usage- is able to attack or defend using Aura and is also able to enhance his physical ability's with Aura

Skill Sets:
Expert axe user
Has some knowledge on Armor and Weapon smithing (He can sharpen his weapons or do minor repairs to his armor)
Basic survival skills (He knows how to forage for food and make a shelter and start a fire... ect.)
A master at hand-to-hand Brawling

Special Attributes:
Fast reflexes
High physical endurance
Has an exceptional “Warrior sense” (Sorta like a 6th sense, he is very aware of his surroundings)

His trusty battle axe

Magical Items:


Very hot places- Hector fight's using his physical ability's, the hotter it is the faster fighting and other physically demanding actions tire him out (He is able to use his Aura to keep himself relatively cool)

Has no knowledge of magic and has no skill in magic

Likes:The ladies, a good ale

Dislikes:The desert

Qualities:Cheerful, Adventurous, a bit mischievous, and Caring

Goals:He is just enjoying traveling right now.

BIO:Hector is a born adventurer, his parent's having raised him in a small town on the outskirts of Ordan and the frozen northern forest's of viridis Hector would always go out exploring the forest for hour's upon hour's on end. Hector's life growing up was peaceful even the death of his parents was peaceful, they passed away from no more than old age. Hector now explores the lands of Gaia his adventurous spirit burning brighter than ever.
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Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):
Amber Eyes
Usually Creamy Brown Hair
5'7" 150lbs.
toned slim body with thick calves and forearms

Name: Boyer (As far as he remembers)
He's used to most strangers calling him "Boy"
Race: Human (Again as far as he knows)

Age: 17 or 18 When clean shaven he could pass as 12.

Sex: Male (Yes, he's pretty sure about this)

Special Abilities:
-Heighten Senses and Acute Observation
-Astonishing Instinctual and Intuition Responses

Skill Sets:
-Voice Throwing
-Sewing, Crochet, and knitting
-Dodging and blocking physical attacks - including upon occasion deflecting arrows
-Hand-to-hand combat - By no way is he a master, however he has experience in my martial art crafts, fist fights, and tussles to know how to fight.

Special Attributes:
-Quick to understand situations and people and react accordingly
-Extremely Quick reflexes
-High Tolerance to extremes (temperature, pain, heights, pressure, etc.) - this could be due to his experiences.
-Cannot be affected by brain altering vices (magic or natural) - due to a instinctual response essentially teleporting the endorphins affected elsewhere.

-Depends on the day
-Most commonly a gladius (though not always the same one)
-His body

Magical Items:
-Nothing at the moment, though he has held and been able to use several various magical items, usually that produce water or help vegetation grow at amazing speed. He once had a staff that created tornado like winds, but he threw it into the ocean one night when it got out of control.

-He is unaware of his abilities.
-Surprise ranged magic attacks.
-Area of affect attacks (especially magic) while awake.
-He is able to sleep through dire situations as long as he is not threatened or directly awoken.
-Sleep walks... and some.
-He is too trusting of others as long as they do not lie.
-He does not know where he will end up, or what trouble will be there.

-People with good intentions
-Giving gifts
-The color green.

-Close-minded people
-Ceramics or clay (pottery, tiles, etc.) - wet or dry.
-Seeing good people suffer
-Feathers at stuffing or decoration.

-Appears unpredictable, however is very rational.

-He just ends up where he needs to be.
-Allows his instincts to direct him.

BIO: Boyer grew up in Midgard, mostly. His memories of childhood are a little sporadic. The reason for this is that when Boyer’s intuition feels he needs to be elsewhere, his body teleports during his sleep. Although he is unaware of this, he does know that he does sometimes sleepwalk. He remembers living with various families from around the world. He spent over a year on a ranch somewhere on the borderlands of Madidus and Viridis. He also spent several months on the Oceans, with Captain Kapptane until he died, which was when Boyer returned to Midgard. There were several times in which Boyer found himself living with an elven tribe, and several more times he was alone in some harsh terrain not suitable for any human, especially a child. Eventually he would always return to Midgard. He never really remembers how he got somewhere or the return journey. However, the times he does remember seemed incredibly long.
Boyer has the ability to “read people” as long as he focuses. In truth when he focuses he heightens his senses, and notice tension in someone’s voice, whether or not their body temperature raises, smell their pheromones, among other traits a person exhibits. Due to this he always seemed to know whether or not someone is speaking the truth. Although Boyer grew up without a consistent family he was schooled throughout his life. The elven tribes were brilliant at teaching complicated subjects in short amounts of time, which is how Boyer learned to read, play music and use magical items. When he lived upon the Ocean and learned to wield several blades, the gladius being the easiest, or at least his favorite.
In the most recent years Boyer has been going places and procuring items people have lost or more simply things they want or need. Sometimes this is done by sneaking into a residence and stealing it and other times it requires an adventure for him to find it. There are also times when Boyer happens to obtain the item without remembering how; and there are times when he is in possession of the item prior to meeting the individual who it’s suppose to belong to. Above all, Boyer is honest and does what he feels is the right thing to do.

(There is a longer bio version - I tried to shorten in to the more important parts of his character)
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