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Posted 11/25/13 , edited 11/26/13
This seems to happen a lot with shorter videos (For this example I'll use Miss Monochrome) but does it with regular length videos as well.

If I watch the entire video some times the progress bar will not show it as completed. In the case of Miss Monochrome, it almost always stops right at the beginning of the Credits. This screws up the queue as the next ep won't show up and I have to go into the video again and let it "resume" from where it thinks I left off. Most of this time it'll work on the 1st retry, but sometimes I have to play the video a few times to get the bar to save to the right place.

As much as I like the ending credits for miss monochrome this can get rather annoying.
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Posted 12/6/13 , edited 12/7/13
Perhaps this is somehow related to the progress bar on mobile? I notice at the end of episodes (seen this in: (paraphrase) "reluctantly became a hero" "My mental choices" and "log horizon") It has a end time of something like "22:30" But continues on until say...24:10
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