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Benefits of a Membership Card:
Requesting for graphics will be free and for each member that have a membership card,
Sailor Soldier Universe will be giving them a special gift.
They will also be allowed to join contests // events.


Invite all your buddies
Play/spam in the forum 5 times
Post on the wall 10 times.

Sample of Membership card:


• Username:
• Favorite Sailor Scout: (Choose only one)
• Color:
• Name:
• Birthday:
• Payment Proof:

• Username: mistress_teal
• Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor Jupiter
• Color: Green
• Name: Teal
• Birthday: Nov 5
• Payment Proof:

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Username: Neptune_Twilight
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor Mercury
Color: Blue
Name: Michiyo
Birthday: November15
Payment Proof:

loved by mistress_teal

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• Username: Trigunkwan
• Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor Mercury
• Color: Orange
• Name: TK
• Birthday: May 4
• Payment Proof:

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