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Posted 11/26/13 , edited 11/27/13
As a high school boy filled with testosterone, I decided to work out, now anyone who's truly works out on a regular basis will understand what I am talking about. And so I was working out and I did a lot of different exercises (doesn't matter what kind) then I started to feel this pain, this intense pain right in my brain, this pain was so intense I had felt as though my brain was going to burst right out of my head. Standing wasn't even a choice at this point, I had to lie down immediately and drink some water, even ten minutes after this occurrence, I still feel the lingering effects of the headache. This is how I feel as though Kanade feels every time he falters with his Absolute Choice, a headache more painful than a migraine. If you've never felt this pain before, I would not recommend trying to feel it :3 It feels like hell.
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